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Planetary Combination for Secret Relationship Yoga

Taboo sex in Astrology :-

Secret sex or taboo relationship which is termed by our society is usually happen in form of clandestine affair or simultaneous multiple relationship but through casual mental approach due to high sexual drive, over imagination and sexual obsessive tendencies.

Sexual obsession is very common in our society nowadays. This happens usually due to over anxiety and not educated to maintain the sexual compulsion and obsession. One night stand can also be termed s taboo sex and there are also other kinds of casual sexual relationship.

Astrological reason and planetary combination behind secret relationship- Taboo sex

Planets like, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, afflicted Venus, afflicted Moon, afflicted Mercury are behind this type of relationship. These planets play main and significant role under specific planetary combination in birth chart.

Afflicted or debilitated Mars and Mercury in birth chart causes obsessive tendencies and hyper sexual drive, hyper activities, Obsessive compulsive disorder etc. These planets under affliction or debilitation causes peculiar thought about sex and their compulsion to have intercourse gets better of their mental state.

Planetary Combination for Secret Relationship Yoga

Debilitated and Afflicted Venus and Moon causes emotional turbulence and emotional outburst in relationship in native’s love life or married life that he or she search for emotional and physical support even for temporary period of time which enhances the chance of casual sex or secret clandestine affair in life.

If Mars and Venus is afflicted or debilitated either in 4th house, 7th house 8th house, 12th house then it causes love affair outside marriage or committed relationship.

Rahu-Ketu axis in 1st house-7th house and if it conjuncts Moon or Mercury or Venus in birth chart of native then it causes clandestine affair and sexual relationship outside marriage.

Conjunction of Mars and Venus in 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and in 12th house causes affair with elder person or much younger person outside marriage or outside committed relationship.

Moon in affliction, debilitation or conjunct by Rahu in 5th house or 9th house increases the chances of multiple sexual affair and clandestine casual bonds in life.

Mercury with Saturn in 8th house or 12th house in affliction or in debilitation increases the chance of bisexual relationship and homosexual kind of relationship outside marriage or committed affair in life. This kind of combination or yoga in birth chart gives opportunities and attraction to form casual sexual bond with several opposite sex and sometimes same sex.

These above mentioned combination increases the desire for sexual satisfaction as well as attraction towards libido, one night stand, secret sexual relationship in family etc,.

Timing of Secret relationship or Tabbo sex:-

During main and sub period of afflicted Venus, Moon , Mars, Rahu the chances of involving in secret relationship or in clandestine affair rises. Especially, when Jupiter or Saturn transit over the house afflicted Venus , Mars, Saturn, Moon, Rahu in birth chart or in Natal Horoscope.

Planetary Combination for Secret Love affair with Neighbour in Astrology:-

If afflicted Mercury, Venus and Mars present in 3rd and 4th house in conjunction or aspects each other either from 3rd house or 4th house in birth chart then it surely increases the chance of having clandestine affair in neighbourhood. Association of malefic and afflicted Moon over these houses develops serious obsession with opposite sex in neighbourhood.

Planetary Combination for secret relationship/love affair with boss/authority at work place in Astrology :-

if Rahu placed with Venus or Mars either in 9th house, 10th house or in 11th house in debilitation and affliction then it develops atmosphere, creates opportunity and chances that one may get involve sexually with their peers, seniors, boss, authority in work place.

Planetary Combination for secret relationship with cousin in Astrology:-

Rahu with Saturn, Mars in 3rd house or Rahu with Mercury, in 11th house , Rahu with Mars in 11th house gives tendencies to native to develop sexual feeling towards one’s cousin, distant cousin or distant relative and he or she may form physical relationship with them.

Planetary Combination for secret relationship with Maternal Aunt/uncle/Sister-in law in Astrology:-

if afflicted Mars, Mercury or Venus is associated with Rahu either in 4th house or 6th house 11th house or in 12th house then a person may develop sexual feeling and sexual relationship towards Maternal Aunt/ Uncle, Sister-in law etc.

Planetary Combination for secret relationship with Teacher/ Student in Astrology:-

If afflicted and debilitated Moon forms any combination or association with afflicted Venus or Mercury in 5th house, or in 7th house, or in 8th house, or in 9th house, or in 12th house then it gives chances of clandestine affair with one’s teacher or student. This kind of secret relationship with this particular planetary combination can also be associated with Doctors, Dancers, authors, poets, singers, painters, artists etc.

If Rahu or Ketu is placed with 7th house lord in 7th ,10th 11th, 12th house in horoscope then clandestine affair will be developed for particular motive or plan. There will not be any emotional touch or sensitivity.

If Rahu-Ketu form bond or association with 7th lord or with Moon in 4th house, 9th house , 5th house, 8th house, 12th house then the clandestine will be formed for long time with sense of pleasure and emotional fulfilment .

Astrological Remedies for sexual obsession-Taboo sex, Extramarital affairs:-

1 Ayurveda medicine
2 Meditation and Yoga- meditation through Ajna Chakra
3 Healing- Energy healing, Distant healing etc. (Kamajayi Mudra)
4 Homam / Fire lab through Astroved experts.