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Om Kleem Krishnaya Namaha

DateFebruary 8, 2019

Krishna, the Great God

Krishna is a sacred Avatar of Lord Vishnu, the supreme God of protection and sustenance. He is regarded as his 9thincarnation and also perhaps, as his greatest. Krishna played many great roles in life and stood as a symbol of love, mercy, knowledge, power and highest consciousness. While legends regard that this incarnation was taken during the epoch Dwapara Yuga, Krishna is also considered a historical figure that lived around 3200 BC in the northern and western parts of the country, in the present day Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Om Kleem Krishnaya Namaha

The Amazing Life of Krishna

The word ‘Krishna’ means black or dark, and so he is the dark-complexioned Lord, who brightened the lives of so many by his words and deeds, and came to be known by the same name. Krishna descended on earth to uproot evil, punish the wicked, guide the good and establish dharma, the righteous way of life, by both, practicing and preaching. He was an endearing baby, a born prodigy and an exceptional genius, who became an object of admiration and worship right from his birth.

Bhagavatha Puran speaks highly and elaborately about the remarkable life of Krishna. He was born in a prison in Mathura, in Uttar Pradesh, as the 8th child of Vasudeva and Devaki, who were incarcerated by the cruel demon Kamsa, as he got rattled by a prophecy that he will be killed by his own sister Devaki’s 8th child. As the Asura had already put to death 6 of their babies mercilessly, and as the 7th was also shifted as a fetus to a different womb, Krishna’s birth itself was an adventure. Born on a stormy mid-night in Lord Vishnu’s full form, with four hands and holding conch and discuss, he was taken secretly by his father, as per his command, across the flooded Yamuna to the safety of village Gokul, where he was brought up by his foster parents Nandagopa and Yasodha, along with his elder brother Balarama, in the midst of cowherds. There, Krishna led a humble and loveable life, mesmerizing the simple folks with his bewitching childish pranks; overwhelming people by his super-natural heroic feats like dancing on a deadly serpent and holding aloft a mountain to save the people from torrential rains; captivating the Gopis with his charming Rasa Kreeta, the divine dance; and at the same time, stunning Kamsa by destroying the demons he sent to kill him, one after the other. Then returning to Mathura, Krishna slayed Kamsa, put an end to his atrocious rule, released his parents from imprisonment and relieved the people from terrible oppression.

Then, after mastering the scriptures and martial arts, Krishna shifted his capital city to the coastal Dwaraka in Gujarat and also married princess Rukmini and some others. Also, remaining as a true friend, philosopher and guide to the righteous Pandava princes, Krishna helped them immensely to fight the war against their wicked cousins, win the war and regain their lost kingdom, by offering to play the role of a charioteer to Arjuna and imparting to him and also to the world at large, immortal wisdom in the form of Bhagvad Gita, in the bloody war field. Krishna, thus, blossomed into a Jagatguru, the matchless universal preceptor.

Later, when his Yadava clan itself became arrogant and imperious, and destroyed itself completely through internal strife, Krishna realized that it is time for him to leave the earth. As per his own will, he shed his mortal coil, by being shot in the feet by an arrow released by mistake by a hunter and returned to his heavenly abode. Thus, ended the remarkable life of a Yuga Purush, the great epoch maker, and it is no surprise that Krishna’s exit marked the end of Dwapara Yuga itself and the birth of the subsequent Kali Yuga.

Krishna Mantra

‘Om Kleem Krishnaya Namaha’ is the mantra dedicated to Lord Krishna. This simple invocation is regarded as the Mools Mantra, the basic or the primary mantra of the Lord. Meaning ‘Prayers to Lord Krishna’, this is regarded as a powerful invocation that can fill the heart with love and bestow a person, among other things, with a magnetic appeal.


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