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November 2018 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

On October 22, 2018

Are you interested to know what this November has in store for your Moon sign? gives you a detailed horoscope for all Moon sign from Aries to Pisces.

Read on to know what our expert astrologers say about your health, career, business, finance, and relationships for November month! Get detailed predictions for your Moon sign and your loved one’s sign and plan your month effectively!


November 2018 Aries Monthly Horoscope - General

For those born under Aries, this month may not prove to be a comfortable one. It would be better for them to look at things critically before giving any commitments. They may also need to have a check on their temper, and be humble and polite in handling domestic affairs. Their confidence levels too may not be very high, which may reflect in their performance.

They may do well to try and change their purview. Social life also may not be very interesting. However, people may hope to keep normal health this month. Doing regular meditation may help to keep up their energy and spirits.Click here to read the complete 2018 Aries November horoscope


November 2018 Taurus Monthly Horoscope - General

November is likely to be a favorable month for the Taurus people. There will be perfection in their work, and they may end up handling multiple tasks at the same time. Friends and associates may admire them much, and their reputation may go up. They may also get involved in social service, while also participating and enjoying with others in get-togethers. Their principled approach may stand them in good stead and lead to success. However, it will be good if they develop a cordial relationship with neighbors and spend quality time with them. Acquiring assets in association with partners are also predicted. They may enjoy normal health. Click here to read the complete 2018 Taurus November horoscope


November 2018 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - General

November may be a month of delays for the Gemini people, as they may have to wait to get what they want during this time. Social life may work fine, where they may receive respect and support. They may have to be logical and reasonable in domestic matters and accord priority to people and responsibilities there. They may come into close contacts with people from different cultural backgrounds and may have to display good flexibility in all their personal, social and professional domains. Communications may remain important, which may work to their advantage. It would be better for them to be careful about their health.Click here to read the complete 2018 Gemini November horoscope


November 2018 Cancer Monthly Horoscope - General

This is the right month for the Cancer-born people to reap the fruits of their past efforts. They have the mental strength to ward off all pessimistic feelings, and this optimism will ring in the clarity of thought and positivity in approach, and work wonders for them now. Life may become more comfortable with the acquisition of luxuries like posh vehicles, while speculative investments can get them better returns. Their public esteem will go up, and their words may carry a lot of weight among others. There may be joyful family celebrations and auspicious activities. Health is expected to be okay. Click here to read the complete 2018 Cancer November horoscope


November 2018 Leo Monthly Horoscope - General

November may turn out to be a month of success for the Leos. They may be able to do things to their satisfaction, while also guiding others in their activities. Close relationships too may get strengthened, while social circles may extend good support. These things may keep them generally in high spirits. Their dexterity in work can win for them, the appreciation of superiors. They should, however, be careful with their communication and maintain the dignity of relationships. While they can be wary of the sky-rocketing expenses during this time, they would still be able to clear loans pending for long. Sportsmen may get good openings, while there may not be anything to worry about health. Click here to read the complete 2018 Leo November horoscope


November 2018 Virgo Monthly Horoscope - General

Peace and progress may summarize the month of November, for people born in the zodiac sign Virgo. Obstacles may clear off, and success may smile on them; their efforts may bear fruit and focused work may get the desired results. Communication may play a vital role, and they may need to be precise and consistent while articulating their ideas. They are generally brave by nature, and this trait may see them through many difficult situations, both in personal and official fronts. Their social circle may expand, and they may also meet some old friends or colleagues. A balanced diet can lead to sound health.Click here to read the complete 2018 Virgo November horoscope


November 2018 Libra Monthly Horoscope - General

November can very well be called the month for the Librans. They may earn the trust, respect, appreciation, and admiration of friends and colleagues, and some may even take them as their role models. It will be good for them to be independent and self-driven and utilize time most purposefully. They will be able to give expression to their interest in research, while the spiritual journeys that they undertake may provide them with satisfaction and peace. The single may get engaged with their sweethearts. Health should not also cause any concern. Click here to read the complete 2018 Libra November horoscope


November 2018 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope - General

November may be a good month for the Scorpio-born when they can utilize their resources appropriately. Their legendary bravery may help them to handle even difficult tasks with ease, giving them renewed confidence and new hopes; whereas experience can aid in effective performance. Their daily routines may go on smoothly. Support may be forthcoming from social circles, but they may need to display flexibility in attending social gatherings. Also, better to be careful about interactions and communications. Any legal issues may get resolved, and life for them is likely to be relaxed and pleasant, in general. However, health concerns may arise, requiring attention. Click here to read the complete 2018 Scorpio November horoscope


November 2018 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope - General

Sagittarius born are well-known for their nature of being forthright, and this may result in their facing some unpleasant issues this month. It is advisable for them to put their heads down and be careful with their words and deeds, and instead, focus on their work, targets, and achievements. Their untiring efforts and perseverance can, however, lead them towards success. There may only be limited support for them from associates in work-front, and they may have to tackle issues on their own. Expenses may be substantial, and travels may not be very productive. Health should be normal, but work-pressure may give them stress and strain.Click here to read the complete 2018 Sagittarius November horoscope


November 2018 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope - General

November may spell success for the Capricorn people. Their honesty can provide them with all the clarity, but still, they may need to be cautious about their impulsiveness, as this may lead to issues in personal and professional fronts. Their logical thinking and scientific approach can help them understand the tricks of the trade, perform their tasks with ease and clear pending jobs. They may do well to assist colleagues, friends, and well-wishers, as this may ensure their goodwill and cooperation for the Capricorns. Their communication and interaction may strengthen their bonds with their near and dear ones. They should, however, be wary of lethargy and take care not to neglect health. Click here to read the complete 2018 Capricorn November horoscope


November 2018 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - General

This may be a month of mixed fortunes for the Aquarius-born, when they may have to have caution as their keyword. Hasty decisions may backfire, especially in personal life, and even acts like the acquisition of assets may lead only to fear instead of joy. Self-belief and trust in their abilities can still take them to their destination, though the progress may be slow. Their intentions may be genuine, but negative vibrations can prevent plans from getting executed as per plans. Better not to take things to heart, as they may tend to become hyper-sensitive now. However, there may be hope of some relief by the middle of the month, when their skills may come to the fore. So, Aquarians may better take courage and continue with their work. Health may be normal. Click here to read the complete 2018 Aquarius November horoscope


November 2018 Pisces Monthly Horoscope - General

Life may be just fine for the Pisces people in November, but for one aspect, and that is over-thinking. Unless checked, this may turn out to be an obsession and lead even to emotional disturbance. But things as such may remain promising all-around. Hard work may open them new job opportunities and may help create their fortunes. Adapting to changing environment may prove advantageous for them, while transparency in action may solve many problems, and they may succeed in achieving goals. Effective communications can bring in positivity, whereas social life may be vibrant and peaceful. Health may improve slowly but surely, giving them relief. Click here to read the complete 2018 Pisces November horoscope


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