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Monthly Forecast for May 2015

On April 25, 2015

Even before you realize you are already on the 5th month of the year! Wouldn’t you not want to know what to expect and what not to expect in the next 30 days of your life? We tell you all that you would go through in the next 1 month so that you can make the best use of what’s good and be wary of what’s not.

Monthly Forecast for May 2015

ARIES: It is a month of relief for you since all your pending legal matters would be settled. All your good work will come to the notice of your boss and you will be rewarded for it.

TAURUS: You will get progeny happiness this month and will fill you with immense happiness. You need to be careful not to share any of your details with a stranger while traveling.

GEMINI: Your financial condition will get a lot better since you will earn a huge amount from speculation. Consume more iron-rich food so that your health gets better and you can live a fit life.

CANCER: Got any pending activities to finish? This is the right time to complete it all! You will get better economically since you will find additional sources of income. This will come as great news to your entire family as well.

LEO: All your hardwork will be well recognized and bring you name and fame. Your lover will be very happy with you since you will shower them with lovely gifts and this will create a wonderful atmosphere.

VIRGO: You will become very honorable in the society due to the kind of activities that you have done in the past. Business people will be very happy since they would be able to realize their dream project.

LIBRA: You will be in a position to make some of the best decisions of your life during this month. Students should do some courses that will benefit them later in their life.

SCORPIO: Your bosses and juniors will all be good to you and support you a lot. Students need to have more cordial relations with their parents to get their help and support at all times.

SAGITTARIUS: Your broadminded nature will enhance good prospects and help you live a better social life. Your spouse and you as a team will solve all domestic issues and live a happy life.

CAPRICORN: Business people need to recruit more people into their company to ensure quick and easy delivery of projects. Students will come out with flying colors in competitive examinations and make their parents proud!

AQUARIUS: Your spouse will need your support to sort out some major issues at home. Do make sure to give them all the support they need. You need to apply for pending medical claims so that you are benefited financially.

PISCES: You will travel a lot this month and this will enhance your social and work lives. Students will flourish in arts if they are guided properly and parents need to give them the right guidance to be successful.

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