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Monthly Forecast for April 2015

On March 23, 2015

With April comes new beginnings and new hopes. Do you wish to know what’s in store for you so that you can make good use of the favorable time and be cautious of the times that are not? Here is a sneak peek into the happenings for each sign in the month of April.

Aries: You will get money from some totally unexpected resources. At work, you will be successful in getting the dream project for which you have been working day and night!

Monthly horoscope 2015

Taurus: Your spouse and you will clear all your misunderstandings and have a good time in each other’s company. Students will have increased self confidence and this will help them fare well in examinations.

Gemini: You will become a smart worker and this will impress your colleagues and subordinates. You need to eat more dry fruits and nutritious food to be healthy. You will be more social and this will benefit you.

Cancer: You will be in a good position to resolve all your family problems and breathe a sigh of relief. Your income will increase since you will be given perks in the form of incentives or rewards. You will be able to save better too!

Leo: You will travel to some faraway land and settle down there for the longest possible time. Your partner and you will share your past life with each other and this will increase mutual confidence.

Virgo: You will go on a trip outside the country and establish a good social circle over there. Make sure to take all financial commitments in writing. If you are a government employee, you might get a promotion.

Libra: This is the right time to tie the knot if you are single and looking! Your bold and confident decisions will enhance your career.

Scorpio: You need to find new ways with which you can increase your income to live and save better. If you have kids, do not let them eat junk food since it will lead to some health problem.

Sagittarius: You will get better job offers due to your education and experience. This will make you rejoice! Students need to do some short-term courses that will benefit them while trying to find a job and settling down in life.

Capricorn: You will meet the love of your life soon and this will happen when you are traveling. There are chances of your mother developing high BP; you need to take better care of her health.

Aquarius: Being slow and steady will get you onto the right path. Keep away from all kinds of gossip so that your image at work does not get tarnished.

Pisces: You will have good inflow of money all through April and this will make you happy. You need to work on your eating practices to have good health. Your spouse will be happy with the way you treat him/her.

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