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Mercury in 6th House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

On January 23, 2023

Mercury in 6th House with Remedies:-

Mercury in the 6th House bestows you the intelligence and tact to solve conflicts & fights, whether it’s your personal, professional, or matters of others. A positive Mercury in the 6th Bhava may make you lead a happy married life, and your children may grow as bright, successful & intelligent human beings. This position of Mercury in Virgo or Gemini sign may form Harsha Yoga, which provides good health, wealth, and happy family life.

Retrograde Mercury in the 6th House might make you super argumentative and judgemental in your day-to-day personal and professional affairs, which will be detrimental to you in the long run. Your colleagues or employees may get irritated with you. In your profession, your communication skills may create problems for you as you might engage in loose talk, bitching, cross-professional ethics, and get humiliated by seniors. This position of Mercury may fetch you little gains in business. You may always have health-related issues, especially regarding the nervous system.

Mercury in 6th House

House Mercury posited in a Kundli:-

Mercury’s placement in the 6th House means it will be challenging for you to achieve career success. You may spend more time enhancing your career growth using modern technologies. But you often get frustrated, and negative thoughts in your mind may stop you from progressing. This is because the 6th House denotes diseases, conflicts, chaos, debts, divorce, health issues, hidden enemies, obstacles, disagreement, etc. The 6th Bhava also signifies miscommunication with others and those competitors or enemies preventing you from achieving your goals. Mercury in the 6th Bhava represents your calculative matter, whether it is towards working, using your logical mind, or doing anything. Accounting, finance, and financial consulting are the most prominent places to explore your opportunities. Mercury in the 6th House provides intelligence to save money for the company and its taxes so that the 6th House Mercury will help you significantly in your job or career.

Mercury in Virgo sign in the 6th House makes your thoughts super clear, and you will have highly organized ways of presenting yourself to others, especially on the professional front.

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:-

When Mercury is posited in the 6th House in Gemini or Virgo sign, a person’s intelligence goes into solving conflicts and fights, whether it’s your personal life or other people’s lives. You can be a lawyer who resolves disputes and makes agreements and disagreements. It can also make you utilize your intelligence in serving the less privileged, those in poverty, and abused women and children. Your mind operates to resolve things in an analytical matter. Mercury in Pisces sign in the 6th House will connect you at a soul level and expand your intuitive level. You will become compassionate to others, easily forgive and forget others’ mistakes, and move on in life. You will not hold grudges nor sulk on petty things. You will be good at calculation and will handle your finances well. The combustion of Mercury in the 6th House will not allow you to grow in life. Your communicative and analytical skills will not glitter and give you the satisfaction of achievement. You will get few opportunities to exhibit your potential to the world. Your growth will be minimal, and you cannot take the leap of faith. The effort to prove your point will need to be improved in your communication. You will be involved in loose talk and spoil your reputation in your personal and professional life. You will indulge in debts and will need help managing your finances properly.

Mercury in the Gemini sign may make you a quick thinker, wise, street-smart, and open to many ideas as the fast-paced planet is placed in its own House. Your learning and grasping ability will be powerful, and you will have a photographic memory that can help you grow.

Impact of Mercury in 6th House of Birth Chart:-

Mercury in the 6th House makes you constantly think, as the shadow of the Virgo sign will be there irrespective of whatever sign is placed in the 6th House, and the planet becomes the lord of the 6th House. You will be continually thinking and calculating about every aspect of your life. But this attitude can make you nervous. You become critical of others as you are detail-oriented in your work or profession. You may automatically try to find flaws in others rather than concentrate on their positive sides or good job.

You can be extra calculative, critical, and analytical in every aspect of your life, which may sometimes ruin your happiness and peace and create problems in your domestic life. You will either run away from the issues or start seeking spiritual guidance. You may also go to foreign lands or isolated places to get rid of problems and get away from things you deal with. Mercury in the 6th House may create ups and downs in your s relationship with siblings and friends. You may work for the government, and you can also become a doctor or a surgeon and go into teaching in medical professions or research in the medical profession. Mercury in the 6th House in the birth chart makes the native a deep thinker, a brilliant accountant, a finance professional, and a computer programmer.

Positive effects of Mercury in the 6th House:-

A positive benefic Mercury in the 6th House may make you enjoy happy married life. Your children will also be bright and intelligent. Your partner can be very caring and supportive, and there will be harmony and domestic peace in your married life. You may progress through work in mass media, communication, the printing press business, journalism and anchoring in a media agency, software development or writing in the digital marketing field, travel blogging, technology, software development, and web design. These fields may give you gains and enhancement of status and prestige after age 30. Like a lawyer, you may love to invest your intelligence in verbal communication and arguments at your workplace. You might gain and receive financial support or inheritance from your maternal uncle.

Adverse effects of the Mercury in the 6th House:-

An adverse Mercury in the 6th House may involve you constantly in overthinking. These people are stressing themselves with their research work priorities. The general tendency and zeal to work extra hard as they want to earn very well from any work they do may make them restless, and they may not enjoy their earned money or work. But overthinking will cause sensory nerve issues, affect your brain, and cause nervous-related diseases in your system. This placement of Mercury may give rise to debts as these natives may love to spend their money on maintaining their lavish lifestyle. Also, overindulge in partying, socializing, and consumption of wine – all of which can drain their liquid savings. You might have to live away from your parents and home due to your educational and career priorities. Your argumentative, stubborn and extra- judgemental personality can sometimes irritate others and spoil your relationship professionally and personally. You may only use your logical, analytical mind, making you slick and arrogant.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Mercury in the 6th House:-

Exalted Mercury in Virgo:

When Mercury is in Virgo sign in 6th Bhava, the native’s mind or rational approach and intelligence solve things in an analytical and calculated way, whether related to dealings, communication, partnership, studying the rational mind, or working. The native with Mercury in their 6th House indulges in social services, the social well-being of lower-class people, nursing home people, people in poverty, abused deserted women, or children.

Debilitated Mercury in Pisces:-

The natives with Mercury in their 6th House in Pisces sign are succeeding as financial advisors, accountants, or analysts. You will be proficient employees who calculate things using their intelligence to save the company money or money on taxes.

Your Ascendant Sign and Mercury in 6th House:-

  • Mercury in the 6th House of Aries Ascendant makes native wise, prudent, hard-working, victorious, and wealthy in advanced years of life.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Taurus Ascendant will gain from jobs and service. Some natives may acquire government jobs at respected designations.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Gemini Ascendant may give ample wealth, prosperity, and happiness after marriage or after turning 30. Success may come a bit late after hard work and struggle.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Cancer Ascendant may make you spend money on charity and spiritual or religious work. One may acquire a government job or success in politics.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Leo Ascendant may become a teacher, writer, publisher, or professor. You may do well in the media and journalism sectors.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Virgo Ascendant may make you accumulate wealth through hard work and self-effort. Self-employment will bring success, wealth, and popularity.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Libra Ascendant may earn wealth through the business of gemstones, jewels, and gold or silver. Success in the advertising field is possible.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Scorpio Ascendant makes you logical, witty, and successful in sports or administrative services. You may also work in the media or marketing field.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Sagittarius Ascendant may gain wealth through digital media, marketing, printing, writing, and publishing. You may do well as an anchor or broadcaster.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Capricorn Ascendant may make you lazy and arrogant but successful after age 37. One may suffer from diseases, pain, injuries, and difficulties.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Aquarius Ascendant may make you mentally restless but wealthy. Your domestic life will be full of chaos but overall harmonious.
  • Mercury in the 6th House of Pisces Ascendant may give you troubles and sufferings in your love and married life. Success may come in foreign lands with delay.

General Remedies for Mercury in the 6th House:-

  • One should also keep parrots to calm Mercury.
  • Give food to ants and fish.
  • One of the most valuable remedies for Mercury is to feed cows before one sits to eat. One should feed them green grass, spinach, and other green vegetables.
  • Feeding soaked green gram to birds also improves weak Mercury in the Horoscope.
  • Natives under Mercury’s bad or malefic influence should never disrespect or disregard their sisters or sisters-in-law.

Remedies for Malefic Mercury in Horoscope:-

  • Wear Green clothes with Perfume on Wednesday.
  • Give gifts to your maternal aunts, sisters, cousins, and sister-in-law.
  • Donate Vegetables and green fruits on Wednesday.
  • Keeping good oral hygiene and cleaning your teeth and tongue twice a Day would greatly help.
  • Wear or use Budh yantra for promising or beneficial results from Mercury.
  • Wear an Emerald gemstone on your little finger to improve planet Mercury’s outcomes.
  • Donate Green Daal(lentils) and Green Clothes on Wednesday.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.
  • Chant “Ganesh Chalisa” and “Vishnu Shastranam”


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