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Mercury in 1st House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

On January 23, 2023

Mercury in 1st House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

Mercury in the 1st House gives you excellent or fantastic communication. It gives you an artistic mind with a skillset. Mercury in the 1st House makes you philosophical, & gives you a higher level of thinking. A positive Mercury in the 1st House makes natives try new things and make them risk-takers out of their comfort zone. Their risk-taking abilities will fetch them success. Mercury in Gemini and Virgo sign in 1st House forms Bhadra Yoga, which makes you a good speaker, and blesses you with high intelligence & photographic memory. Mercury in 1st House in Horoscope makes a native brilliant, business-minded, and bright personality who has perfect business acumen. These natives can also become successful proficient accountants and computer programmers.

The native with Mercury in their 1st House makes you jack in all subjects. It gives you multiple talents. These natives aspire to learn everything possible in their professional field, including communication, writing, art/ artistic values, or photography. These people may succeed in the film industry or on any acting platform and taste political success. The native with Mercury in their 1st House makes you a perfect salesman, businessman, or entrepreneur.

Mercury in 1st House

House Mercury posited in a Kundli:-

Mercury in 1st House might make you go through a fascinating phase in your relationship where you will bond well with your partner. You will enjoy freedom and pleasures in love affairs due to your independent nature. The opposite sex may get attracted to their charming and enigmatic personality, and they will catch their attention quickly. These people may become very famous in their social circle and sometimes the center of attraction which is like an eye-catcher. They enjoy their early days with various partners, spend quality time with them, and enjoy a romantic love affair.

These natives can also try their fortune in the cine world, sports, media, entertainment, acting, singing, film direction, and dancing. Their imaginative prowess may help them shine in their artistic or media career, writing, blogging, or any other creative field. Their excitement and curiosity to try, explore and learn many new things fetch them success in life. These people have magnetic personalities, and the opposite gender is easily attracted to them. They always have a flexible mindset where they can adapt to the change in situations and times. They are a very knowledgeable person who always loves to stay updated with various ideas and current events. They never fear going outside their comfort zone and love exploring new things in their life.

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:-

Mercury in the 1st House in Gemini or Virgo sign then the person may become successful by choosing the profession as a journalist, media person, blog writer, or content writer. They are career flourishes if they become teachers, college lecturers, or professors in subjects like economics or math, or journalism. Mercury’s placement in this 1st Bhava may help the native achieve stability in their career growth and will become successful in their respective career. They will gain high profits from investment and stock markets. Mercury’s negative or malefic effects in the 1st House make the natives get involved in illegal affairs, and they will get involved in malicious activities like betting, drinking, and gambling. You are intelligent and exciting. You are always full of new ideas and planning. But then your attribute of being flexible, adaptable, and exploring new things, overindulgence, carefree attitude, and happy-going nature all the time may also become your drawback.

Impact of Mercury in 1st House of Birth Chart:-

Mercury in 1st House makes these natives very wise and happy-go-lucky people who love spending their life in happiness and laughter. They are treated with love and affection in their family. They are very genius in subjects like economics, maths and business studies. Their excellent communication skills will help them win many debates competition. They will use their intelligence in writing skills and will be excellent writers. They will become very successful in engaging themselves in any business and have excellent quality in delivering a speech as an orator. They will also excel in their career as proof-reader.

Positive effects of Mercury in the 1st House:-

A positive benefic Mercury in the 1st House makes you thrilled to take risks, explore new things, and involve in adventurous activities, and you will always seek something new and exciting. You have a high range of interest in various things with rich ideas and interests. You will try new things out of your comfort zone. Your lively personality will attract many people. You are flexible and will keep updating yourself with the changing times. The native could choose any career, such as a sign language interpreter or expert, photographer, public speaker, philosopher, intellectual artist, or teacher.

Adverse effects of the Mercury in the 1st House:-

A malefic adverse Mercury in 1st House makes you curious about everything and can make you selfish, disloyal, fun-loving, and search for casual sexual pleasures, which can bring disharmony in your love relationship or marriage. You will be deeply engrossed in your own self-interest and may not value others’ opinions or views. You will be tagged as ‘self-centered’ by outsiders. You will not be committed to one relationship. The natives with Mercury in their 1st House are loud and lazy, love indulgence, and may sometimes become self-loving and self-centered. They usually say what is there on their mind. Also, you prefer to avoid when people beat around the bush, as you are very straightforward with your thoughts and words.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Mercury in the 1st House:-

Exalted Mercury in Virgo: –

Mercury in Virgo sign in 1st House may make you an expert in several languages. Mercury here bestows you with an artistic mind. It makes you philosophical as well. You will do well in higher education, learning new skills and techniques, or sports. Mercury would make you know more about the self. However, you are clever and intelligent, but you may become very restless at a young age and hop from one thing to another without completing the former. You will need more determination, patience, and the ability to focus and finish one goal at a time.

Debilitated Mercury in Pisces:-

Mercury in 1st House in Pisces sign may make you explore many things. You can be a good communicator, photographer, camera operator, artist, bike rider, travel blogger, etc. You can even taste success in politics and communicate effectively with the masses. You can also become a philanthropist, an expert in cultural art, or cultural studies. You can become a good salesperson, diplomat, agent, dealer, or negotiator. You can even be a successful entrepreneur who does about ten different things simultaneously. You will succeed in your business ventures as you have many creative ideas and you know to organize and execute everything flawlessly.

Ascendant sign and Mercury in 1st House:-

  • Mercury in 1st House of Aries Ascendant may give good income but some injury or mole on face and arms. The body will be strong, and health will be good, along with peaceful married life. You may become ascetic in the advanced years of life.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Taurus Ascendant gives success from 27th Year. You may earn money from foreign lands as well. You may become a favorite of the opposite sex. Fortune may rise after marriage. You may get a very good-looking and loving spouse.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Gemini Ascendant makes you clever, delicate, attractive, and soft-spoken. You may become patient and talented in dance and music. Happiness after marriage and luck after childbirth is assured.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Cancer Ascendant makes you educated, knowledgeable and successful in politics. Some may also acquire government jobs or do well in media, films, glamour, designing, modeling, etc.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Leo Ascendant brings success through editing, writing, journalism, broadcasting, anchoring, advertising, teaching, etc. There will be continuous progress in life.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Virgo Ascendant makes you look stylish and brings early success in your career. Success in marketing or the medical field is assured. You will be interested in religious or spiritual work.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Libra Ascendant makes you polite, knowledgeable, liberal, well-behaved, cultured, and well-mannered. You will be fun-loving, happy, dynamic, wealthy, and cheerful in life.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Scorpio Ascendant may bring you success through sports or politics. Success and happiness in love or arranged marriage are assured. You may become wealthy through inheritance or the help of your spouse and in-laws.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Sagittarius Ascendant may make you an astrologer, scholar, motivational speaker, social media influencer, etc. You may get wealth and fame through social media. You may earn from writing, publishing, blogging, and speaking.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Capricorn Ascendant may make you acquire all comforts and luxury in life. You will be pleasure-seeking, but your spouse will be loyal and bring happiness.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Aquarius Ascendant may make you work in a big firm or own a big business. You may achieve worldly success and the bliss of a spouse in your middle years.
  • Mercury in the 1st House of Pisces Ascendant makes you a successful artist or entertainer. You can become a famous actor, comedian, or singer.

General Remedies for Mercury in 1st House:-

  • One should also keep parrots to calm Mercury.
  • Give food to ants and fish.
  • One of the most valuable remedies for Mercury is to feed cows before one sits to eat. One should feed them green grass, spinach, and other green vegetables.
  • Feeding soaked green gram to birds also improves weak Mercury in the horoscope.
  • Natives under Mercury’s bad or malefic influence should never disrespect or disregard their sisters or sisters-in-law.
  • Remedies for Malefic Mercury in Horoscope:-
  • Wear Green clothes with Perfume on Wednesday.
  • Give gifts to your maternal aunts, sisters, cousins, and sister-in-law.
  • Donate Vegetables and green fruits on Wednesday.
  • Keeping good oral hygiene and cleaning your teeth and tongue twice a Day would greatly help.
  • Wear or use Budh yantra for promising or beneficial results from Mercury.
  • Wear an Emerald gemstone on your little finger to improve planet Mercury’s outcomes.
  • Donate Green Daal(lentils) and Green Clothes on Wednesday.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.
  • Chant “Ganesh Chalisa” and “Vishnu Shastranam”


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