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Mercury in 12th House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

On January 25, 2023

Mercury in 12th House with Remedies:-

When Mercury in the 12th House from Lagna in the birth chart is strong, money, wealth, and luck are abundant. It makes the natives very spiritual and does not fear their enemies. Malefic Mercury in the 12th House is no less than a curse if weak or debilitated. The natives might become physically weak and can also lose their limbs. They are timid, don’t have an outgoing social personality, and only want or love to interact with the outside world at the age of 32. Mercury in the 12th Bhava gives a higher level of education and philosophical and esoteric learning. A positive Mercury in the 12th House brings wealth, travel, and the opportunity to settle abroad. It brings growth that can take you from a minor position where you began to a leading role on the professional front.

Mercury in 12th House

Retrograde Mercury in the 12th House will connect you with the unrealistic world. You will fantasize about things that can’t be expressed in reality. You may need more time to utilize your intellectual quality to attain gains in your professional or personal life. You will not be fulfilling your responsibility or being committed in a relationship. People will not be able to understand your perception.

House Mercury posited in a Kundli:-

Mercury in the 12th House in Horoscope is not a very comfortable position for Mercury. However, it can make natives the best and most famous fictional writers, poets and nature lovers, bloggers, and wanderers. Native may attain fame as an author as these people also have a psychic vision. Mercury in the 12th House represents things that the native is not familiar with. The 12th Bhava is also known as the House of foreign lands, foreign Trade, and foreign settlements.

Mercury in the 12th House is representative of intelligence, a logical mind, ability to speak, communication, ability to write, and logically calculate things. The native uses his intelligence to conclude conflicts.

Their career may shine and flourish as singers, musicians, actors, astrologers, or Clinical psychiatrists. They will make a considerable amount of money by working in digital marketing. They may become writers, actors, and occult scientists. They become successful by working independently, where they only need to interact with the public. They can also become very good sports persons in athletics because of their solid bodies and physical appearance. They can also try their luck in the Navy or any martial arts, where they will become very wealthy by starting any business related to import-export, trading in the stock market, and shares-market. They can work as an IT professional and get promotions and other prospects. They are highly skilled in becoming radio jockeys.

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:-

Mercury in the 12th House in Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces sign make natives love spending time in solitude, alone with themselves, and becomes very imaginative. These natives can become successful after making their career in journalism. One may become a famous author, poet, or editor in a media House. In their early 30s, they will face many financial hardships. They will become prosperous after crossing their mid-30s. They are very arrogant and self-centered, so they don’t care much about others. They would make some childish decisions that they regret later in life.

Their love affairs will mostly last for a temporary period. They are mainly flings and casual. Their experiences will be very passionate with their lovers. They would spend many romantic moments, but they would result up breaking up hearts and breaking suffering from pain and sorrow. They will meet their soul mate in their later 20s or early 30s. Their life will be filled with hardships and sorrow, and they will rarely get successful in their love affairs. They will face dejection and spend their lives very lonely.

Impact of Mercury in 12th House of Birth Chart:-

Mercury in the 12th Bhava can make you have many travels in life and get settled abroad. You will be wealthy and enjoy life freely while lavishly spending money. You will start your occupation with a low income but reach great heights in finance and career. You will have high-profile contacts and will lead a high-class aristocratic lifestyle. You will excel in adventure sports, martial arts, and the Merchant navy, and can do well in the import and export business, forex trading, share market, as an investment stockbroker, etc. Mercury in the 12th House will give you an occupation beyond the public sphere, sometimes even in isolation. You might develop an interest in poetry, writing, editing, and journalism.

A negative adverse malefic Mercury in the 12th House gives a lot of trouble, scarcity of money, instability in career and relationships till the early stage of life. You may become stubborn, selfish, and adamant at a young age. You may not listen to anyone’s advice. The native might make many immature and hasty decisions, resulting in huge losses. One will be unorthodox and do unethical activities. You will be cunning and wise when it comes to getting your work done by others. You will have a low sperm count and face sexual problems, which can lead to physical incompatibility with your spouse.

Positive effects of Mercury in the 12th House:-

Natives with Mercury in their 12th House have peace, intelligence, and calmness instilled in them. Mercury here makes one a knowledgeable and wise personality. Natives with Mercury in their 12th House are wealthy and lead comfortable aristocratic lives. They acquire and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and enjoy every bit of it after the age of 35. Natives with Mercury in their 12th House are often sensitive, intuitive, and emotional and know how to speak up for themselves. A strong Mercury in the 12th House means having superior intelligence and thinking ability. These natives have very imaginative and creative minds, whereas people also know them as visionary. They are very interested in learning and gaining knowledge to improve their quality of life. This placement of Mercury is one of the best places to make you a successful writer. You can put your imaginative intelligence into words and communicate it with everyone.

Adverse effects of the Mercury in the 12th House:-

Mercury in the 12th House makes natives insightful, intense, wise, intelligent, passionate, and communicative. There can be several challenges on their way to success because of their moody as they are easily distracted personalities. They might get temporarily separated or divorced from their spouse due to cheating or breaking their trust. These natives are likely to face marital problems, may hurt their spouse’s hearts, and have secret affairs behind their backs. They might not get physical satisfaction with their partner in their relationship and may face several problems in their bed pleasure and intimate life after marriage. They would also suffer from fertility problems and might face issues with pregnancy.

They might spend their money on luxury and living a high-class lifestyle, which they have dreamed of since a very tender age. They may spend most of their income or earnings on superficial things. They might earn a meager amount at a young age, but all of their money might get spent on fulfilling their desires and necessities. They always aspire to lead a very easy-going, comfortable life with many luxuries. They might have to deal with problems related to their family members and children. They would get to visit many places due to their profession and personal reasons.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Mercury in the 12th House

Exalted Mercury in Virgo:-

Mercury in the 12th House in Virgo sign gives you foreign settlement and earnings through foreign currency and trade. There can be divorce or separation from a spouse in case of infidelity. The sperm count will be low, and you might remain childless.

Debilitated Mercury in Pisces:-

Natives with Mercury in their 12th House in Pisces sign are often sensitive, intuitive, and emotional. They know how to take an authoritative stand and speak up for themselves. But moreover, they are intense thinkers with imagination, but sometimes they overthink. These people may experience anxiety attacks, palpitations, and headaches in their life. Thus, their habit of exaggeration and overthinking might cause trouble and despair in their life.

Your Ascendant Sign and Mercury in 12th House:-

  • Mercury in 12th House of Aries Ascendant gives a lot of struggles in life till the age of 30, but the native may become wealthy and successful from age 35. Foreign settlement is also possible along with lots of travel in foreign countries.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Taurus Ascendant gives problems in married life, pregnancy issues, or relationship with progeny. Few people may have to live away from their family and spouse or go through separation and sometimes divorce.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Gemini Ascendant gives outstanding writing ability and imaginative powers. The person may become a famous fiction and novel writer. However, there can be some defects in speech, or one may suffer from balding or skin-related issues.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Cancer Ascendant gives travel and success in foreign lands. One may become an excellent business person, artist, editor, astrologer, journalist, or travel blogger. Native may gain wealth and success quite late in life after enduring much struggle and dejection.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Leo Ascendant can make you a professor, writer, scholar, or spiritual Guru. One may also become a gym trainer, model, or yoga expert. Some people will excel medical and pharmaceutical fields.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Virgo Ascendant makes you skilled, prudent, and proficient in your profession. One will be wealthy in foreign lands and may own a costly vehicle and a beautiful big House or mansion.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Libra Ascendant makes one victorious over their enemies and brings success in politics. One may acquire fame through singing, acting, and sports as well. Your spouse’s health can be delicate.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Scorpio Ascendant makes one succeed in the marketing and advertising field. One may do well in the digital marketing field. Success in the field of teaching and astrology is assured. Some people may suffer in married life but succeed in management and banking.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Sagittarius Ascendant makes natives gain spiritual knowledge, go into depth about shastras, and attain extraordinary powers. Natives may become magicians, spiritual gurus, occult experts, or successful astrologers and tarot Readers.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Capricorn Ascendant gives success through witting, painting, digital marketing, editing, animation, music, and singing. One may do well in behind the scene work in the designing, marketing, and advertising field.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Aquarius Ascendant makes natives do well in psychology, writing, publishing, printing, and sports field. One may become an excellent sports coach or a successful trader. Success in foreign lands is assured. One may marry a foreigner as well.
  • Mercury in the 12th House of Pisces Ascendant makes one extremely wealthy and successful after 35. However, a person may go through several struggles, health issues, dejection, and disrespect until the age of 30.

General Remedies for Mercury in the 12th House:-

  • One should also keep parrots to calm Mercury.
  • Give food to ants and fish.
  • One of the most valuable remedies for Mercury is to feed cows before one sits to eat. One should feed them green grass, spinach, and other green vegetables.
  • Feeding soaked green gram to birds also improves weak Mercury in the Horoscope.
  • Natives under Mercury’s bad or malefic influence should never disrespect or disregard their sisters or sisters-in-law.

Remedies for Malefic Mercury in Horoscope:-

  • Wear Green clothes with Perfume on Wednesday.
  • Give gifts to your maternal aunts, sisters, cousins, and sister-in-law.
  • Donate Vegetables and green fruits on Wednesday.
  • Keeping good oral hygiene and cleaning your teeth and tongue twice a Day would greatly help.
  • Wear or use Budh yantra for promising or beneficial results from Mercury.
  • Wear an Emerald gemstone on your little finger to improve planet Mercury’s outcomes.
  • Donate Green Daal(lentils) and Green Clothes on Wednesday.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.
  • Chant “Ganesh Chalisa” and “Vishnu Shastranam”


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