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Kala Sarpa Yoga – Choose Remedies to Lead a Happy Life

On June 22, 2011

When snake planets, Rahu and Ketu surround all the other planets in your birth chart, the situation is astrologically called, ‘Kala Sarpa Yoga’. You will experience 'snake affliction’ or misery when you are suffering from Kala Sarpa Yoga. These afflictions at some point might put obstacles or halt your manifestations making life extremely difficult.

Am I suffering from Kala Sarpa yoga?

If the below mention qualities are related to you, then you are suffering from Kala Sarpa Yoga.

  • You have become too hardened and anti-social
  • You have difficulty in successful manifestations
  • Experiencing a lack of opportunities
  • You are unable to cope in society
  • You've been identified as nuisance among relatives and friends
  • There is a mismatch in opportunities and your age
  • You feel it is useless to live
  • You have problems in your relationships
  • You quarrel with others
  • Your children do not respect you
  • Your career is unstable
  • You have an inferiority complex
  • Unable to save money for future
  • Discontented in most areas of life
Why am I suffering from Kala Sarpa Yoga?

Kala Sarpa Yoga in the ancient tradition is caused when either you or your ancestors in the previous birth, killed or harmed snakes instead of revering and respecting them. Snakes are powerful entities. They can grant you great boons or curses respectively.

Some of the other causes for having Kala Sarpa Yoga are because of following actions you have done in your previous birth:

  • Torturing parents
  • Ill treating or humiliating others
  • Deceiving siblings for property
  • Disrespecting parents, elders and Gurus (teachers)
  • Involving in sexual molestations
  • Sexual torture of pregnant women, women during menstrual period and widows
  • Deceiving friends
  • Teasing the blind, deaf, dumb, handicapped and/or eunuchs
Free yourself from Kala Sarpa Yoga

You can empower yourself with the benefits of Kala Sarpa Yoga and remove the detractions. Archanas and Abhishekams at Lord Shiva at Kalahasti Temple, Rahu and Ketu at Tirupampuram Temple and The Snake Lord Ananda Sarpa and Lord Muruga Temple in Kerala will bless you with the positive effects of your Kala Sarpa Yoga. These 3 temples are energy vortexes with highly charged divine force with the specific energy to change your destiny from having Kala Sarpa Yoga.

Yoga as opposed to Dosha

Kala Sarpa is however, a 'yoga’ as opposed to a 'dosha'. A yoga can prove to be beneficial or favorable at some point in life. A dosha is considered to be more unfavorable if left unchecked. This yoga helps in

Kala Sarpa Yoga is often genetic, i.e. it will be passed on from one generation to another through the DNA. The age of 33 is a critical age associated with Kala Sarpa Yoga. It is an age when an important reversal of energy occurs. For example, if you have experienced problems and hurdles in your life till the age of 33 years, then after 33, you will see success coming your ways in many ways. The converse is also true.

Former US President George W. Bush, who has Kala Sarpa Yoga in his chart, in his youth was rebellious, alcoholic and was even on drugs. He also had a criminal record for driving under the influence of alcohol. After the age of 33, his life quickly stabilized, financial gains came to him. Moreover, he also enjoyed a successful political career.

Some of the other well known celebrities who suffered from Kala Sarpa Yoga in their birth chart are Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Rajinikanth, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Alfred Hitchcock.


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