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Jupiter’s Impact on Birth Chart and it’s Remedies to Remove Inauspicious & improve it’s Positive Effects!

DateMarch 1, 2024

Jupiter Impact On Natal Charts:

Positive and auspicious effects of Jupiter are seen in an individual’s horoscope if Jupiter is well placed in the birth chart. The positive effects of Jupiter bring fortune, wealth, and overall well-being to that individual, but when Jupiter is weak, the person’s understanding and knowledge decrease. But if Jupiter is auspicious, then there is a growth in knowledge and intelligence.

Influence of Jupiter:

Success and failure in life can be known from Jupiter’s auspicious or inauspicious effect.

Jupiter has a remarkable effect on life. In astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the factor of knowledge, luck, wealth, children, marriage, religious work, wealth, etc. Jupiter is considered to be the most prominent planet; if Jupiter is weak, it can still be strengthened in the horoscope by some measures.

Jupiter is considered weak in Gemini, Libra, Capricorn and Taurus sign. Jupiter is considered weak in 4th, 8th, and 12th Houses. Virgo is an enemy sign but somehow Jupiter bestows some positive results in Virgo..

What is the impact of Jupiter in a horoscope?

Jupiter, in Vedic astrology, is considered a special planet. Each planet present in a horoscope has unique characteristics. All these planets play a special role in influencing a person’s life.

 Jupiter is called Guru or Brihaspati in Vedic astrology. Jupiter is also known as Dev Guru. In the Vedic astrology, it represents knowledge and good fortune. If Jupiter is weak, then the person becomes lazy, dull, remorseful, aloof, dumb and does not achieve success easily. One has to face many types of problems in their career and finances. The relationships becomes sour and bitter, But in Vedic astrology, measures have been suggested to strengthen the weak planet Jupiter; by adopting various means, one can improve the impact and effect of Jupiter in their birth chart or Kundli.

“The Effect of Jupiter on different houses of a horoscope.”

The beneficial position of Jupiter in the first, second, fifth, and seventh houses of the horoscope helps in giving happiness, wealth, and harmonious relationships. Apart from this, inauspicious positions in the fourth , eight and twelfth houses indicate sensitivity, bad health, challenging relationships, and ego. Due to its bad condition, it becomes difficult to achieve success, and life also becomes surrounded with problems.

Effects of Weak Jupiter in the Birth Chart

The weak position of Jupiter in a person’s horoscope causes misfortune, and he has to face problems in finances, physical health, children, marital life, etc. Jupiter has also been called the planet of success and generosity. In the birth chart, if Jupiter is weak, then the person becomes lazy and does not achieve success easily or quickly. One has to face many types of problems even on the job. But in Vedic Astrology, measures have been suggested to strengthen the weak planet Jupiter by adopting which you can make Jupiter strong.

  If Jupiter is weak, then there may be loss of money, obstacles in work, obstacles in marriage, and luck will not be supporting you in any important tasks. When Jupiter is weak, a person faces great difficulty in earning money. Apart from this, they also have to face physical problems like liver, kidney, stomach related problems, lungs, throat, and difficulty in breathing.

 Ways to strengthen Jupiter(Remedies)

If you’re facing issues related to Jupiter in your horoscope, observing a fast on Thursday and appeasing lord Vishnu can be helpful.

On Thursday, you should worship Lord Narayan and Lakshmi to improve your Jupiter.

To attract positive vibes from Jupiter, it’s recommended to chant the Vedic Mantra ‘Om Gran Green Graun Sah Gurve Namah’ on Thursdays.

Taking a bath with a pinch of turmeric in the water and wearing yellow clothes on Thursdays can bring good luck as well.

Wear any shade of yellow on Thursday is considered auspicious to strengthen the influence of Jupiter.

Apply Kesar or Saffron Tilak on Thursday and donate bananas on Thursday.

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