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Jupiter in Taurus 2012: Will the Rare Millionaire Yoga Influence You?

DateApril 21, 2012


The transit of Jupiter into Taurus on May 17th IST will create a rare planetary combination for wealth. Astrologers call it ‘The Millionaire Maker’. Without planetary support, we cannot make money and this transit will make wealth available to those who are alert.



Jupiter’s Wealth Yoga

The primary money planet Jupiter makes his move in Taurus on May 17th IST and creates a rare yoga of fortune and the power of this wealth yoga is tripled due to the exceptional gathering of Ketu, Venus, Sun and Mercury along with Jupiter on the day of this transit.

The Jupiter transit in Taurus is more favorable for some than others. However, we have the technology to make sure you don’t miss out and receive the maximum amount available to you. Even if the past few years were tough and discouraging, don’t give up. Not everyone will become millionaires, but the potential of this wealth yoga is strong and available to end financial struggle and suffering. Timing is everything. We want you to be prepared.


What Jupiter Transit Means for You

The benefic planet Jupiter will travel through Krittika, Rohini and Mrigasira during the entire transit period in Taurus. The areas affected by Jupiter, be it money, health or career, depending upon the horoscope of an individual, will get influenced during this time.

If Jupiter is favorable in your chart, it will maximize your opportunities but if he is not well placed then you may face negative influences. Get a heads up to what that transit will bring to you in your detailed Jupiter Transit Report.


A Strong Jupiter is Beneficial to All

The transit may not bring equal benefits to all but Jupiter is beneficial to all. This is a planet who grants protection from the evil tendency of the cosmic forces as well as the bad karmic energies built over series of births. But when Jupiter is unfavorably placed, he creates fears and tears, ruins the reputation, destroys chances for wealth, and makes for disasters in life with less chance of recovery.


Significance of Jupiter

• Jupiter is regarded as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow all that is good for a generous and respectful life.
• It is the planet that grants protection from the evil tendency of the cosmic forces as well as the bad karmic energies built over series of births.
• He is the most auspicious and benefic planet. However, this does not imply or mean that He does not do any harm or damage. When Jupiter is malefic, it gives nothing but fear and tears. It ruins the reputation, destroys wealth and brings disaster in life.
• Among all the planets, Jupiter alone has the greatest power to grant wish and fulfill our ambitions.
• Matters governed by Jupiter are: Wealth, Children, Knowledge, Spirituality, Honest attitude, Popularity, Dharma (Righteousness), Gold, High positions, Guru, Power, Reputation, Ghee, Butter, Sweet, Honey, Yellow Sapphire, Laws, Liver, Sanskrit Language, Priest, Holy people, Numeric Number-3.
• Advancement in spirituality is impossible unless the purity of heart is maintained with higher thoughts. Jupiter alone can help progress in this direction.

Jupiter in Taurus 2012 will create opportunities and will give you the knowledge to make use of the opportunities to increase abundance, expansion, upliftment, development and nourishment.



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