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Invoke Vishnu to Regain and Accumulate Wealth like Kubera

DateApril 2, 2018

Mythology Behind How Kubera, Banker of Heaven, Regained His Wealth

According to Powerspot mythology, Kubera went to Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva, to offer his reverence to Lord Shiva. Upon seeing Goddess Parvati by his side, he was lost in her divine beauty and repented for not worshipping such a beautiful Goddess all this time. Parvati misunderstood the intention of Kubera’s vision and cursed him to become ugly and lose all his wealth. Upon coming to senses, Kubera explained his intention to the divine couple, sought forgiveness, and requested them to show him a way to regain his wealth. Lord Shiva asked Kubera to perform penance to Lord Vishnu at the Powerspot named Thirukolur Vaithamanidhi Perumal (the one who protected all of Kubera’s wealth). There Kubera worshipped Lord Vishnu, who appeared before him and helped him regain his 9 types of wealth

Invoke Vishnu to Regain and Accumulate Wealth like Kubera

Akshaya Tritiya Rituals

Prepare yourself for Akshaya Tritiya, the day for Royalty Consciousness and a 24-hour power time where you can invoke Goddess Lakshmi to help you create ever-increasing wealth and abundance of all kinds. This once-a-year special day on 3rd waxing moon fills the world with royal energy and material abundance. Click here to participate in Akshaya Tritiya rituals.

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