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How To Remove Karma – Powerful Ritual To Do at Home

DateOctober 18, 2011


The ultimate purpose of our human life is the realization of God. The ancient seers enlightened us that we can focus on our life purpose only when our karma has been wiped clean and the time is ripe for grace to flow to you.

When Karma is removed, an intense flowering happens and both the material and spiritual worlds open up for you. Then you have a choice of the abundance that you are presented with. First you remove your karma and then manifest a reality that you consciously create. How to remove Karma? Don’t worry there is a simple yet effective ritual, which you can perform at home.


Karma Removal Ritual At Home

  • Take a crystal Shiva Lingam (any size is okay)
  • Place it in a small bowl
  • Pour pure, fresh water over the Lingam, daily any time between 4:30pm and 6:00pm while chanting the karma removal mantra of your choice for at least 9 times
  • Continue chanting the mantra until you have reached 108 times
  • Dry off the Shiva Lingam and return it to your alter or sacred space. Repeat this process daily

A Shiva Lingam is a symbol of the static energy in the universe that is also known as cause while Crystal is the medium of choice to have this symbol made in, as it is a known carrier of healing energies. Daily ritual bathing of this form, when done with the full intention of removing signatures of the past, will connect you with a higher consciousness or vibration.

Note: This ritual is especially powerful on the 13th Moon Pradoshams, Shani or Soma Pradoshams.



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