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How to Overcome Delay in Marriage

DateJune 5, 2023

In Today’s world, marriage-related problems or divorces are prevalent in our society domain and social ecosystem. The reason is a lack of patience, a lack of trust due to a loss of respect and deep emotional communication between couples, and a lack of wisdom to forgive each other.

People need a short and straightforward solution in Today’s time. Although no specific pathway exists to solve these problems, some simple Astrological remedies can help diffuse tensions and build solid intimacy and a good bond between couples.

 How to Overcome Delay in Marriage

The unique Remedies for Delay in Marriage are as follows:-

If the native woman regularly wears Yellow-colored golden bangles in her hand, it boosts intimacy, love, and compassion between partners. Yellow Golden color bangles represent the planet Jupiter, which is directly related to your Marriage.

Feeding crows and sparrows daily increase the chances of Marriage and provide peace and harmony in life. This remedy nullifies the adverse effects of Saturn and eliminates the hindrances in the route or process of your Marriage.

Always wear white clothes with Perfume on Friday. This remedy improves the chances of your Marriage early with the right partner. Planet Venus is the main planet of love and companionship in married life.

Offer White Sweets to Goddess Laxmi or Maa Durga on Friday.

If a woman chants Durga Chalisa daily, it improves the chances of early Marriage and her married life’s longevity. It also helps to overcome health issues in your marital life.

Keep fast on Thursday during the daytime and offer to pray to Lord Vishnu and Maa Laxmi. If it is not possible, water banana plants every Thursday.

One should eat Custard or Yoghurt on Monday during Day time.

Wear Yellow, Red, and White clothes more. Avoid Black and grey-colored clothes after Marriage.

Worship Lord Shiva and Maa Gauri daily. Read their Chalisa daily, as it will help bring peace, prosperity, and joy to your life and may fulfil your wishes.

Instant Remedies for Delayed Marriage:-


1) If a Girl’s Marriage is getting delayed, then she should fast on 16 consecutive Mondays and recite the Shiv Mantra and Gauri Mantra.
2) Add Turmeric Power to your Bath and help poor people financially.
3) Keep fast during daytime on Thursday and Wear White or Yellow clothes.
4) If a Boy’s Marriage is getting delayed then, He should observe a fast on Friday and eat curd and Yoghurt on Friday.
5) He Should wear Perfume in White clothes and a handkerchief Every Friday.
6) Girl and Boy Should Put Tilak of Saffron on Every Day after Bath.
7) Girl and Boy should both Lamp Deepak on the Peepal tree on Thursday and Friday for 11 weeks and should water that Peepal tree every Morning.
8) Girl Should keep their Hair as often as possible and wear Gold or Silver clips on their Hair.
9) Do not wear a Sleeper in your Bedroom.
10) Worship Energized Shukra and Guru Yantra
11) Worship the Tulsi plant and water it in Morning
12) You can also light the Diya or Lamp of Pure Ghee under Banyan Tree
13) Donate Mushrooms at least once a month.
14) Mangalik Boys/Girls should paint their Room with Red or Pink Colour.
15) Boys should visit Hanuman Temple or Recite Sundar Kand On Tuesday or Saturday.
16) Worship Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati in Shiva-Shakti form on Monday and Friday.
17) Wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha, but only after a recommendation from Astrologer
18) On Monday, Donate Curd and yogurt milk to poor or needy people.
19) Girls may also recite Katyani Mantra
20) Donate gram Dal (lentils).
21) Recite Ram Raksha Stotra once a Day for nine consecutive days.
22) Chant Gayatri Mantra daily.
23) Girls should recite lakshmi Chalisa and worship Maa Lakshmi on Friday.
24) Boys and Girls Apply Rose water and Yoghurt on the body during Bath.
25) Boys should sleep in the North-east direction, and girls should sleep in North-west Direction.
26) Do not sleep in a metal cot and avoid the kitchen in the North-east direction. Although, one should eat in the kitchen if possible for early Marriage.

General Astrological Remedies for those need Early Marriage

1) Wipe the floor of your Bedroom with Saltwater in the Morning
2) Do not eat non veg food in your Bedroom
3) Donate wheat or chapatti with black grams(lentils)
4) Fast during the daytime on Friday
5) Worship Tulsi Plant Daily
6) No Hair Cut on Thursday and Saturday
7) Drink Saffron milk or Turmeric Milk on Tuesday and Thursday
8) Distribute sweets and fruits among poor children at festivals.
9) Donate something sweet on Tuesday and worship Gauri-Shiva.
10) Keep Pradosh fasting, especially on Full Moon Day.
11) You can also observe fast on Ekadashi Tithi during the waxing Moon Phase.
12) Donate oil , gram flour(Besan) and rice to priest on Thursday
13) Light a Lamp or Candle on South East wall of your Bedroom daily
14) Donate Almonds to the poor on Saturday
15) Install fresh flowers daily in your Bedroom
16) Apply room freshener in your Bedroom daily
17) Mirrors should not be placed on the opposite side of your bed.
18) Keep your bedroom door closed before sleeping.
19) Wear Red, Pink, yellow, and white clothes as much as possible.
20) Avoid black color clothes as much as you can.
21) Paint your Bedroom with red, pink, or yellow colors.
22) Apply perfume daily

Conclusion:- These are the apt and straightforward remedies you can follow in your daily life, and these are easy to perform, which can bring you the right partner and marital bliss.


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