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Grand Fire Ritual for Ganesha’s Birthday on the Ancient 4th Moon

DateSeptember 4, 2012


The Magical Journey for 2012 continues to surprise us, and Ganesha’s upcoming birthday is no exception. This year Ganesha’s Birthday occurs during an anciently significant astrological combination: a Wednesday, Mercury Hora, 4th Moon, and the Vishaka birth-star. A 2 hour window on September 19th IST marks the astronomical recurrence when Lord Ganesha saved the world from “Pralaya” or end-of-times destruction.


Re-set your orientation to Time and strengthen your Life Vibrations. Help the Sound Vibrations of the World to be re-organized in a positive way. In order that everyone can benefit from this exciting occurrence we invite you and your friends to join in for Free, in a Live Webcast of a Grand Fire Ritual on Lord Ganesha’s Birthday.

The more people who participate, the stronger the power and prayers to this Divine Archetype will be. Please spread the word!


2012 an Amazing Year

2012 has truly been an amazing year, both astronomically and astrologically. We have seen; eclipses, rare Millionaire yogas, a Blue Full Moon (occurs today), dangerous 6 planets in one sign (think Facebook IPO), rare Venus transit/eclipse over the Sun, and special healing configurations. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars all made moves into new signs on days that were marked by powerful configurations.

Now we are entering the most intense vibrational energy our earth has experienced in human memory. We are in the final leg of reaching the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21st, 2012. Each of the final 4 months of 2012 (i.e. transit of the Sun into a new sign), is earmarked by Divine events that ensure maximum transformation.


4 Month Countdown Begins:
Prepare for World Transformation and the New Mayan Calendar

September brings the Vedic Archetype Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is a “Deva” which means “Shiny Being” who has the Siddhi Power to foresee the future, He knows of obstacles and dangers that are hidden and unseen. Connecting with Ganesha quickly brings his vibration and protection into your life. He destroys harmful energies which manifest as blocks and obstacles in your life. “Gum” is the seed sound which if recited or listened to will invoke the vibration to destroy negative energy blocking your progress.

October brings 15 days of Ancestor Worship so you can appease your ancestors and departed loved ones and receive their blessings. Then the 9 Nights of the Goddess begins where we invoke the 3 Primary Goddesses in their Fierce forms to Destroy all Negativity on the Earth.

November brings Lord Krishna on the New Moon to clear Negativity and “Demons” from the Earth Plane during the Vedic Holiday Diwali, followed immediately by Skanda Sasthi, the 6 Sacred Nights of Mars’ and the Pleiadian Overlord, Lord Muruga.

December brings an end to the Mayan Calendar. Also just before Christmas we have; the Winter Solstice, Rahu/Ketu move into new zodiac signs, and we end 2012 with a Full Moon birthday celebration for the archetype of destruction and renewal, Lord Shiva.


FREE Participation: Spread the News!



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