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December Astrology Forecast 2013

DateDecember 9, 2013

Aries: Practice self-management techniques like plan well, remain watchful and avoid hastiness. Multi-tasking and hard work will bring you better opportunities later though financially you will not gain much. Do not let any pressure spoil your daily routine or affect your health. Married people will witness strained relationships. Indulge in spiritual practices and celebrations. Students will be blessed with good concentration.

December Astrology Forecast

Taurus: Enjoy the blessings of good family bonding. At workplace, you will gain recognition from your boss. There will be progress in business and good opportunities though money will start flowing towards you only in the second half of the month. Recurring health problems may arise. For the singles who are not married, it is not a good time to get into relationship. Students can expect good results and renewed interest in various subjects.

Gemini: This is a good month to bond as couple. But otherwise this is a month to turn into a miser and act wise. This is not the time to invest in property also. At workplace put your knowledge and experience into use but be careful of undesirable transfer. Business men are encouraged to be optimistic and may require traveling for work. Digestion problems, muscle pains or air-borne diseases may harass you. Students must try hard to avoid any kinds of minor short term distractions.

Cancer: A month of harmony for couples. Salaried professionals can expect improve in income but otherwise take a step back and avoid being lured by risk-taking ventures. Careful planning and goal-setting will be fruitful. Feet related problems may bother you. Students must train themselves to improve level of concentration which will reflect in their good result. Your father’s health may require attention and mother may suffer from problems of stomach and legs.

Leo: A month for good relationships, for the existing and the new ones but be cautious with words. In money matters, there can be crunch in liquidity and avoid investing. Favorable time for career growth, businessmen will gain venturing abroad and hard work from professionals will pay off. Stress will harm you and any chronic ailment may reappear. Students will show good grasping power but have to be careful with careless mistakes in exams.

Virgo: This month, keep a positive frame of mind and work hard. Keep your communications clear of any confusion. There will be no problem regarding money-matters, but expenses will be high. Couples will have good time together though it is not a good time to get into new relations. Take precautions for your health and of your children. Students also need to work hard to keep their mind focused.

Libra: This is a good month to get married. Couples will improve their relationships. Your profession will bring you prosperity but postpone any major change or decision for the time-being, and be careful in trusting people. Also keep out of rumours from your team-mates in office. You will have good vibration for finance, so save and invest. You will enjoy a good health in general. Students will perform well as their creativity and good thinking skills will find sharp edge. But avoid getting into negative vibes with teachers and Seniors.

Scorpio: Clear communication and avoiding controversies will help in improving relationships. You may get financial gains from unexpected sources but avoid investing now. For mid-December good opportunities in career will open up. Businessmen will gain from new trends and innovative thinking. Partnership ventures will see good gains. Students will perform well independent of help from class-mates.

Sagittarius: This month you will be riding on positive energies. So you can enjoy your relationships and finances as well. Good time to invest. Creative initiatives will bring you gains but postpone important decisions for the next month. You may have to deal with health issues like blood pressure and sugar. Women may suffer from gynecological problems. Students will perform well in exams and will gain interest in new areas of study.

Capricorn: It is a good time to invest in relationships in terms of love, respect and confidence. Enjoy good money vibes with gains, so go ahead, save and invest. Creative initiatives at work will be rewarded. Take care of your diet. First part of the month will be fruitful for students and creative ideas will bring good results.

Aquarius: This month pay attention to improve existing relations than building new ones. Money matters will keep you happy – your investments will earn you good returns. Creative thinking will bring good results. Businessmen may have to travel for better opportunities. Minor infections may affect you. Chronic blood related problems may reappear. For students, creative and learning abilities will show prominence and performance in exams will also be good.

Pisces: You will have good time building new relationships and enjoy the existing ones too. Money matters show a better sign – you will gain good results from new and old investments, loan approvals will come through. Partnership businesses will earn profits. Avoid confrontation at work place; positive and dynamic approach will help you. You may be prone to suffer from fever, fatigue, wounds, indigestion and so on. Students will perform well in exams.


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