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Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra

On February 06, 2020

About Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini nakshatra is called the Star of Ascent. It falls under the zodiac sign of Taurus. The ruling planet of this nakshatra is Moon or Chandra. The presiding deity of Rohini is Brahma. The other name for Rohini is Suravi – celestial cow. It is the fourth nakshatra of the lunar mansion.

Rohini is a balanced nakshatra, where the natives are methodical and balanced in their actions. These natives will usually be involved in productive activities and will understand the importance of balance in achieving desired goals and objectives.


The power of this nakshatra is Rohana Shakthi, which means, power of growth and creation. It also means creative development at all levels, bestowing fertility. This nakshatra gives the natives intelligence, eloquence, enthusiasm, good learning, influence over others and public honors. Those born under Rohini make good speakers and orators.

The symbol of Rohini is Chariot. This is the birth star of Lord Krishna. This nakshatra makes the natives wealthy. Those with Moon in Rohini are soft spoken, gentle, generous, witty and intelligent. They exude poise and serenity. They are fond of learning and will continue to seek knowledge all throughout their life. They have excellent persuasive skills and can motivate others to work hard and help achieve their goals.

They are materialistic in nature and love luxury, art, music and fine things in life. They show great appreciation for beauty, dress, décor and fine arts and can be very artistic. They are creative, imaginative and talented.

They possess a good character and it is the finest constellation for women. Women of this Nakshatra are beautiful, have a round face. They have strong attachment to family and are dutiful to parents and husband. These natives exhibit trait of acceptance of truth and discard that which is false or untruth. They seldom get into a fit of rage. They are sincere and loyal, who carry out their responsibilities with perseverance.

In the words of Varahamihira, natives of Rohini are "honest, pure, beautiful, steady mind and pleasant speech.”

On the negative side, these natives show stubbornness, short temper and can be critical to those who do not measure to their standards.

Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra Male Physical Features

Generally he is slim but other planetary positions and aspects may give him a short and fat appearance. He has very attractive eyes and a magnetic touch. His looks are appealing with big shoulders and strong muscles.

Rohini Nakshatra Male characteristics

He has a short fuse and gets angry at the drop of a hat. His temper may not subside quickly either and he doesn’t change his decisions, once made. He will be very obstinate if people try to override his opinions or foil his plans. He has a tendency to find fault in others. He lacks a fixed aim in life. He is easily swayed by his heart. He will be willing to sacrifice everything for his near and dear but if he hates someone, woe begone them. He has a passion for the truth. His life will have several ups and downs. If he can restrain himself, he can achieve great success in life. He does not believe in saving for tomorrow.

Education and Employment for Rohini Nakshatra Males:

He is mostly sincere and honest in his work. But patient and forgiving, he is not. He is a jack of all trades. His excessive love of freedom may lead to his downfall. Some Rohini males reach great heights in life due to favorable planetary placements. He may be work with sugarcane, milk products or be a Chemical Engineer. Mechanical or laborious work suits him.

Between 18-36 years, he will face many trials. He has to endure economic, social and health problems. Often he gets to enjoy life during 38-50 years and 65-75 years of age. He should never confide his plans to anybody. Extreme care is needed while choosing business partners and employees. He tends to believe others blindly and this can lead to betrayals.

Marriage and Family life for Rohini Nakshatra Males:

He may not get many benefits from his father and he will be fonder of his mother and maternal uncle. Social or religious laws don’t matter much to him. Married life may witness disturbances.    


He is likely to suffer from blood-related diseases, blood cancer, urinary disorders, jaundice, blood sugar, respiratory problems, tuberculosis, paralysis and throat trouble.

Rohini Nakshatra Females Physical Features:

She is often beautiful, with attractive eyes, medium height and fair complexion.     

Rohini Nakshatra Female Characteristics:

Well behaved and well-dressed, she carries herself with pomp but has a pliant heart. She is also short-tempered and has a tendency to violence. She is practical and secretive.    

Education and employment for Rohini Nakshatra females:

She will do the work given to her, efficiently. Oil, hotels, milk, paddy fields and dress making are areas where she will shine. She may have a Middle level education.    

Marriage and Family life for Rohini nakshatra females:

She will have a good family life and receive all comforts from her husband and children. She should curb her stubbornness to have a happy married life. She should not entertain doubts about her husband as it may lead to divorce.    


Health will be good. There will be pain in the breast, legs and feet and there is a chance of breast cancer. She may suffer from irregular menstruation, pimples, sore throat and swelling above the neck.


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