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Characteristics and Personality of Pisces

DateJune 11, 2014

If the Moon was in the Pisces Zodiac Sign when one was born then that becomes one`s Moonsign. In a birthchart, the Moonsign shows how one reacts and responds. Moonsigns play an important role in understanding an individual.


Pisces is a feminine water sign governed by Jupiter.

Pisces is called Meena rashi in Vedic Astrology. It is the 12th Zodiac sign that is indicated by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. It represents their dual personality. They live in two worlds: one being reality and another of dreams and thoughts.

Moon in Pisces makes a person gentle and patient in nature. They make great friends and partners in romance. To them, love reigns over materialistic desires.

Characteristics and Personality of Pisces

They are passionate about life, love, work and everything around.

Positive Traits :

  • They are creative with strong imagination. They love beautiful things in  life.They love style, luxury and pleasure.
  • Pisceans make profound artists because of their powerful creativity,which seeks expression in literature, music, drama and art.
  • They are intuitive that they can sense and feel things that others are not aware of. They are highly tuned in to what is happening around them.
  • They are sensitive , sympathetic and gentle. They willingly help others in distress.They are reluctant to hurt others and give unconditional support to friends at times of need.
  • They  can be very expressive of their feelings of love, happiness and forgiveness. They tend to be liberal and generous.They always need the support and affection of family and close ones.
  • They seek the path of spirituality and evince deep interest in occultism.

Negative Traits:

  • Pisceans are docile in nature and that makes others take advantage of them.
  • They are pulled in two opposite directions while taking decisions. They have problems in taking decisions easily.
  • They have a dreamy inconsistent trait. They tend to be moody and restless at times. This can be a source of distress to those close to them.
  • Their feelings of insecurity make them seek constant reassurance from others.
  • They think with their heart than their head. They get into difficult situations and struggle to come out of it.
  • Pisceans exhibit traits of vulnerability, perhaps their feelings were hurt many times over.
  • They also have addictive and compulsive nature. Unpleasant situations affect them greatly and they become addictive to do away negative feelings.
  • Their over liberal and generous nature can lead them to problems.


Famous Pisces Personalities: William Wordsworth, Thomas Jefferson, Gary Kasporov, Bruce Willis, Vincent Van Gogh, Kurt Russel, Omar Sherif, George Harrison.


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