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Celestial Birthdays Bring You Miracles

DateMay 17, 2016

Have you ever wondered what the fuss was all about as you tried to make it through traffic, past an unruly crowd shouting names of God, intoning cheerful bhajans and dancing in the street at the sound of piercing trumpets?

Despite the immense popularity of some celestial beings such as Vishnu, the archetype of maximum wealth, or Krishna, the embodiment of sublime love, we don’t know how surrender to God and receive miracles.


This is largely due to our modern understanding of the Divine. And no two people can relate to the invisible realms in the same way.

So the more technologically advanced we become, the more we are likely to attribute to mere tradition the birthday celebrations of Gods and Goddesses.

One of the beauties of the Tamil Siddha teachings is an uncanny adaptability to today’s human needs.

This is because whether we drive a luxury car or ride the bus, we all need help in solving our problems, not to mention the many crises humanity is facing and for which science has yet to find an answer.

For each of your problems, the Siddhas have figured out a solution. Often—as Dr. Pillai has revealed—these Siddha methods for fixing health, relationship or money issues came directly from another galaxy and date millions of years—time periods that make our modern heads spin and our conceptions of history crumble.

Celestial Birthdays Revealed

Two major birthdays of the lion-headed form of Vishnu, Narasimha, and the next day of Muruga, an alien being from the Pleiades star cluster—on May 19 and May 20-21—correspond to powerful astrological alignments identified in ancient times by yogis and Siddhas.

These days aren’t randomly chosen—and point to the strong positioning of our luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, in our solar system.

Muruga’s birthday, for example, will occur during a powerful Full Moon in the star Vishaka—a constellation with its body in Libra and the head in Scorpio, exhibiting both worldly and spiritual qualities.

During such times, we can join the collective consciousness by meditating and invoking the celestial archetype, which strengthens this archetypal energy within our minds.

Scientific experiments show how times of extreme collective emotionality or meditation can literally change our environment, reducing crime rates in some cases.

Remaining Open to New Learning

The Indian spiritual traditions are filled with exhortations to stay open and child-like, in the now, to keep learning and letting go of attachment to old, unnecessary knowledge.

Being like a child or keeping a beginner’s mind, according to great spiritual Masters, including Jesus, is a prerequisite for true progress and spiritual evolution.

Your brain, too, with its dormant supernormal capacities can be activated during special astrological conditions and through divine worship.

Additionally, visualization and ritualistic participation in fire rituals honoring Narasimha and Muruga can further transform you by bringing you life-changing miracles.

Often Dr. Pillai has explained that special time shaktis (or windows of opportunity) coinciding with an archetype’s birthday are better understood through myth, which directly communicates its meaning to your subconscious.


Muruga’s Myth

Millions of years ago, there lived in Tamil Nadu, India, an extraterrestrial civilization called the Pleiadians—originating from the star cluster Pleiades. Their language gave birth to today’s Tamil language. Muruga, who was associated with the Pleiadian star Alcyone, is a benevolent and powerful celestial being and warrior God.

He appears as a very beautiful five-year-old boy.

Muruga was born from the third eye of Shiva, was Parvati’s son and Ganesha’s brother.

Muruga is known by several names such as Subramanian, Skanda and Tamil Kadavul or God of the Tamil population.

In a semi-arranged marriage, he was married to Goddess Devasena. Later came his love marriage to Goddess Valli, his true love.

Muruga rides a peacock and holds a super weapon called Vel, which represents the spinal column and the awakening of the kundalini energy rising from the bottom of the spine to the pineal gland and top of the head.

The Vel ensures Muruga’s victory in all wars against dark forces.

He’s been called by Satya Sai Baba “the personification of the highest possible state to which the law of evolution leads.”

Muruga arrived in Ceylon, the land once part of Lemuria—home to a now extinct advanced civilization—which included India, Australia and Madagascar.

Defeating a Titan

This land was under the rule of a tyrannical titan—or giant.

Muruga then defeated the titan with his Vel and freed the earth from dark forces.

Being kind hearted, after his victory he pardoned the titan, who then turned into Myol, a peacock and became Muruga’s vehicle.

Muruga teaches us that after attaining super powers by enlightening our brain and nervous system, we must offer our services for the well-being of humanity.

By Donatella Lalitha Riback

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