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Certain Yoga for Wealth, Money, Property in Horoscope with significant Planetary Combinations

Astrological Combination for Wealth, Money, Property in Horoscope are as follows:-

The 4th house in a birth chart is regarded as house of assets and property along with House, Vehicles etc. Our Residence, comfort and luxury in life can be predicted by 4th house of Natal chart or D1 chart. S, whenever 4th house lord is associated with Moon or Venus either in 1st house, 2nd house, 4th house, 10th house, 11th house, 9th house in an individual’s chart then that native will have own house lot of luxury, comfort in life along with more than 1 vehicle. Talk To Astrologer to find out the Yoga for Wealth, Money, Property in your Horoscope.

If 4th house lord in any person’s chart placed in angular house like 1st house, 4th house, 7th house or 10th house then that native will built his house or either buy, Apartment, villa, flat by own money. Native will have his or her own house by self- effort after 40 years of age.

If 4th house lord placed in 4th house along with Venus or Moon then that native will be very rich after 28 years of age he or she may have multiple house and multiple vehicles in life with much richness and luxury in life along with high class lifestyle.

Certain Yoga for Wealth, Money, Property in Horoscope

If 4th lord is connected with 5th house or 9th house then native will be very fortunate and he or she may belong from very influential aristocratic family. The native will inherit wealth, house and other properties from parents and relatives in this case during young age.

If 4th lord is placed in 12th house or connected with Saturn then native will not have own house either in birth place or in birth country but will build his or her own house n foreign land far away from their birth place after the age of 38. The native can have more than 1 house in foreign country but he or she will live alone in old age without family.

If Mercury is somehow related with 4th lord then native will have beautiful house and beautiful expensive car after 33 years of age. If 4th lord is angular position from Venus the native will have property from family or property from in-laws after marriage.

If 4th lord is placed in 12th along with Saturn then native will have property in foreign land. If Mars is connected with 4th house along with 4th lord then native will have large property, big house, many cars and ample assets in their birth town or birth city.

Peculiar planetary combination and yoga for large wealth, income, gains and savings:-

2nd house and 11th house in birth chart are known for income, earning and savings.If 2nd lord in any horoscope is associated with 4th lord or present in 4th house the native will have large liquid income and big savings in life.

If 2nd lord is placed in 2nd house and associated with Venus, Jupiter, Mercury hen native will be very rich along with much rise in wealth and there will be accumulation of tremendous wealth for many years after native crosses 30.

If 2nd lord is in 11th house or 11th lord is in 2nd house the native will acquire much wealth in young by own effort without any help and will enjoy King like status in society with big income and much wealth or affluence in life.

If Moon happens to be in 2nd house then native will have fluctuating wealth but native will enjoy high respect and affluence in society.If 2nd lord is place in 10th house the native will accumulate much wealth from their service and profession and the native may also belong from aristocratic family.

If 2nd lord is in 9th house associated with Venus or Jupiter the native will be very rich right from childhood days. His or her forefathers may possess large house or villa and there will much prosperity in life of father as well.

If 11thlord is in in strength in horoscope and either placed in 11th or 2nd house then native will have large wealth from self- effort mainly from his or her occupation and the person may become rich after 35 years of age.

If 11th lord is placed with Jupiter or Venus in angular house like 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th then native will have unique talent and skill in life and native may earn from public welfare, public entertainment, Public hot spots etc. These kind of planetary combination in horoscope bring instant wealth in life at very quick pace but only after much struggle in life.

If 11th lord is with Saturn or Sun in 10th house or 11th house then native accumulate much wealth from government as well as from public. This kind of combination in chart might make you Industrialist or politician.

If 11th lord and 2nd lord is placed together or associated with each other 12th house then native will suffer in their own country but may become popular or famous in foreign land. He or she might enjoy much wealth in foreign country from their work.

If Mercury or Venus is associated with 9th and 10th house and getting aspect of planet Jupiter then native achieves sudden success in life either through sports industry or through entertainment industry.

If 11th lord is in 5th house then native may become rich due to their creative and artistic talent in young age.If Rahu is in 11th house and 11th lord is in 9th house then native struggle for wealth till 40 years of age but achieves sudden success and popularity in life mainly through politics, sports or through showbiz business.

If Mercury is in 11th house with Saturn then native will achieve fame and success in life after 35 years of age but only through mass media, journalism.