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Aries and Virgo Compatibility

DateAugust 8, 2014

Aries is a fire sign and Virgo an earth sign. They are less adaptable to each other. They have very different way of dealing with life. While those in the first category are the initiators, their robust energy is mostly directed towards creating good impression on people, and inducing people to follow them. Virgo people on the other hand are industrious, methodical and have eyes for details – in other words, they are very particular about how well a task can be accomplished or how well a job can be done.

Qualities common to both Aries and Virgo: They are enthusiastic, energetic, honest and trustworthy. But as Aries are enthusiastic and impulsive, Virgo characters prefer being practical and logical. With a task at hand, you can find both quick to act though Virgo usually will tread miles ahead of Aries to do the task with perfection.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Man and Woman relationship

People of Aries sign are very active and ambitious and their excess energy often make themimpulsive in their actions and the way they manage their responsibilities. They act first without thinking much about the consequences. But the people belonging to Virgo are very intelligent and they prefer to act only after having a good perception and practical understanding of the work and situation. They will think twice before they get into action. You may find people belonging to Virgo often critical; too analytical which make them pass lot of comments. They tend to become overbearing for others, and specially it provokes anger of people belonging to Aries. Therefore, more disagreement will find place between these people.

What can keep an Aries and Virgo united and happy is their broadmindedness.They should be willing to understand each other’s nature and not enforce their own strong nature too hard on the other.

Differences that may arise in their relationship

As Aries are ambitious, confident and aggressive; Virgo people are discriminative, critical, intelligent and very analytical. Virgos prefer being thorough in their work specially when they are doing it for others welfare. Aries people are optimistic to the point of being uncompromising whereas Virgo people are willing to change and adapt for a good outcome. But Virgos can also try to be less negative and live more in the present like Aries. Aries are not scrupulous about spending whereas Virgos are very careful about how and where they spend their money. If people of either sign are relaxed about their intrinsic nature, they can balance themselves.


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