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Aries and Leo Compatibility

DateJuly 24, 2014

Aries and Leo are fire signs and together they are a powerful combination of passion and energy. Their robust and dynamic nature makes them very interesting as couple. As both of them believe in actions more than words, there can be no dearth of spirit to drive them towards accomplishing their dreams.
Aries and Leo Compatibility
Aries are generous and at the same time loyal to people they love. They are very positive minded and often throw caution in the air while dealing with people. They always look for excitement in their life and never resist spending for things they enjoy doing. Aries never like being criticized. Keep praising them and accept their boastful words, they feel they are on top of the world.

Leos are full of strength and energy and they esteem themselves superior to everyone else. They have the talents of being leaders. Though they tend to dominate in a situation, they never try to harm anyone. Instead they appear dominating because they wish to be more creative and unprecedented in whatever they do. They often tend to be strong-headed and uncompromising in their interactions with their partners.

Man and Woman relationship:

Fire, Earth, Air and Water are the four elements and each of the Zodiac signs depict the characteristics of one of these four elements.

When a man and a woman belonging to signs governed by similar elements bond into a relationship, they get comfortable with each other easily, just like these two fire signs. Aries and Leo make interesting couple whose life never suffers from boredom. But a long lasting relationship can survive when they are willing to dissolve their egos to uphold their love for each other. They are protective towards each other but their drive to dominate and lead the other may bring disaster to a beautiful relationship.

Essentially, a man and woman of these two signs will have good intrinsic understanding between them – they both are likely to understand each other’s passion and the zeal to achieve through whatever they pursue. Their protective nature goes into strengthening the bonds of relationship within a family.
Mutual respect in a relationship comes when a partner understands other person’s capabilities and is willing to learn from the person. Leos are wise and creative, eager to implement their ideas and Aries are always initiator of actions and willing to go miles to seek satisfaction out of what they want. Their bonding can be fruitful if one does not transgress into other’s territory.

Differences that may arise in their relationship:

Complementing each other or praising the other person is not what these two fiery signs like to do. Their egos often lead them to act in arrogant manner and out of the two, a Leo always gets into confrontations. To establish their ideas, Leo at times will not mind poking at the weaknesses of Aries. Aries can be impulsive and aggressive about getting what they want. They can be insensitive towards Leos by trying to teach them lessons and trying to push their ways through.

They should quit tendencies of sermonizing and giving elaborate lectures to each other. Instead, asking each other’s opinion and adopting a strategy of mutual understanding can make both of them happy and achievers in life.


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