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Aries and Gemini Compatibility

DateSeptember 6, 2014

Aries is a fire sign and Gemini is an air sign. They are compatible to each other because air encourages fire to burn, but a strong wind may douse the fire. So they often tend to challenge each other, but one makes the other also realize the need to adopt certain characteristics of the other.

Aries Sign Compatibility with Gemini

Aries people prefer to do things boldly and tend to be competitive. They take initiative for tasks and they will be actively taking part as a physical driving force rather than providing ideas and solutions as an intellectual one. Again, their impulsive nature makes them tired once they find some hitches in the task they have undertaken. Geminis are not robust enough to lead a project or a task, they are the learned people who are always prying deeper into subjects and circumstances to learn more. They are the intellectual people focused upon clear thinking and providing new ideas.

Man and Woman relationship

Aries people have fiery temperament. They will be very sharp and fair in complexion and they will be longing for functional freedom. They tend to dominate over others trying to drive in their ideas. They are usually so restless about doing their work that often land up taking risks. On the other hand, people belonging to Gemini are carefree and they do not mind listening to others or even learning from people and situations. They do not entangle themselves in ego problems because they have broader mind to see the bigger picture in a situation and care for emotional attachments in relationships. People belonging to Aries sign can learn from Gemini and improve their adjustment qualities.

Differences that may arise in their relationship

Gemini people are intelligent but suffer from indecisiveness. They are carefree, and wiling to learn and seek fun wherever they go. Aries people are quick in action and they are so enterprising that they are always willing to execute the tasks they take up. Aries are oriented towards accomplishing their set objectives but Gemini people are inclined towards adapting to situations and willing to accept other people’s ideas and way of doing work. Aries always think of today whereas Gemini people are philosophical and always want to manage life as it comes.


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