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Aries and Cancer Compatibility

DateAugust 5, 2014

Aries is a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign. While an Aries nature emits the glow of a blazing fire, a Cancer person depicts the calmness and patience of the silent ever rolling waves of the sea. An Aries displays robust energy, likes to initiate projects and enjoys leading. On the other hand, a Cancer would like to fulfill his or her goals slowly in a veiled manner or at least not making much noise about it.

Aries – Cancer Compatibility

One thing that stands common between the two is their determined nature, and the zeal to move ahead. Both an Aries and a Cancer are enthusiastic about the goals they set for themselves but their approach is very different. While an Aries would like to push through a proposal and try to dominate over others, a Cancer will be ready to compromise. A Cancer can move side-ways, back and forth to find the suitable path for progressing while Aries would always move straight ahead.

Man and Woman relationship:

The water sign Cancer look up to the fire sign Aries for the enthusiasm and urge to live life with a purpose and at the same time make life an interesting one. Whereas the nature of water sign to contain outburst of feelings and try to deal with situations from various angles is what a fire sign should learn.

A Cancer is intelligent but quite sensitive and cautious. He/she is a unique combination of having a humble demeanor with strong desires for success. The natives wish to be successful without making obvious efforts so as to hide their intentions from others. A Cancer often finds boldness of Aries as accesses of nature one can do without. But a little pinch of boldness is what a Cancer needs. An Aries born is quite open about his/her intentions and enjoys making an impact on others. Instead of relegating Cancer as boring and unadventurous, an Aries can learn to mellow down and become patient and considerate. Aries and Cancer both are strong willed and determined about what they want and they prefer being honest and protective in their relationships.

Differences that may arise in their relationship:

Aries and Cancer can get into many differences because of their approach towards handling things in life. While a Cancer is compassionate and timid, Aries will be aggressive and egoistic. While an Aries will spend money after making an assessment of the finances, a Cancer will find it hard to decide on any appropriate strategy to handle things in life. An Aries finds Cancer slow, inexpressive and too scared to take bold steps. A Cancer considers money to be holy stuff, earned and saved forever and this approach becomes a cause for a clash.

There is always certain amount of possibility to have a clash on almost any subject, due to their different approaches. But if they consider each other’s differences well and try to complement each other’s excesses with the others qualities, such an adjustment between a couple can bring about a fulfilling relationship.


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