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Are You Stressed about Time?

DateJanuary 29, 2013


Do you feel stressed out every moment? You feel you are not able to manage your time properly? Perhaps you are experiencing the effects of Bad Time Karma. A bad relationship with Time can affect your job prospects, your relationship, or even health.

The great Siddhas have given a solution for this. They have designed methods for being in sync with time and use it properly. They identified the 8th waning moon as the best moon phase for fixing problems relating to bad time karma and especially at a time when Saturn is exalted.

Eight (8) is a powerful and mysterious number. In astrology it rules: Time, Life, Wealth and Saturn. Time is the critical factor that determines your prosperity and growth. Each 8th Moon is different, this coming 8th moon on February 3rd has a special connection with Vishnu. This 8th moon remedy will not only please Kala Bhairava, it will also please Vishnu, Lakshmi and Saturn. And it will help your mother to have a long and healthy life and fix issues with; Wealth, Stress, or Progeny.

Do not miss the intervention window available this coming Sunday, February 3rd. The protection and energy of the 8th Moon and the Archetype Kala Bhairava provides you with the vision and drive necessary to make fearless and intelligent use of time.


Coconut Smashing Ritual

Thursday, January 31st (IST) 4th Waning Moons have a special relationship with the Obstacle-Removing Archetype, Lord Ganesha. This creates an ideal window of time to smash through the obstacles in your life. The 4th Moon is a Moon of destruction and Ganesha uses this power of destruction to destroy obstacles.

The coconut energetically absorbs your Negative Karma. When you break a coconut, negative energy holding back your progress is destroyed. The 4th Waning Moon has a special power to amplify this property. The coconut energetically absorbs lower vibrations; like evil eye, curses, negativity, and bad karma.


Time to Celebrate!

The beauty planet Venus moves into Capricorn on January 28th and Jupiter’s retrograde motion comes to an end on Jan 30th. Venus & Jupiter allows you to enjoy your material surroundings. They make you feel contended. The 3 months of transits of Venus through Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces is favorable. You can connect to these planets during the upcoming 3 months through their mantras, colors and energy.

Venus can directly access Goddess Lakshmi, who holds complete sway over material wealth of every kind. If Venus is strong, he will promote good relationships, contentedness and appreciation of arts. A weak Venus results in difficulty relating with others and causes redundancy, excessive sleep, poverty and immorality.


Jupiter, the planet for expansion, is considered the most benefic of all the planets. Wherever He stays or influences in a chart, that area will grow. If Jupiter placed favorably, He will grant good relations with officials in higher institutions. A person with weak Jupiter may rationalize and live in denial, rather than taking effective steps to deal with the life problems. Jupiter gives optimism, gratitude, forgiveness and allows you to enjoy good fortunes in life.


Did You Know?

Kala Bhairava, the Lord of Time has the power to change your bad time into good time. ‘Kala’ signifies Time’ and Bhairava is another name for Lord Shiva in his furious form. Lord Kala Bhairava is fierce, dark in complexion and has a dog as His vehicle. Hence, feeding dogs is a powerful act to receive Kala Bhairava’s grace! This simple act will dissolve bad karmas that are bothering you.



Currently, Venus is placed in the sign Capricorn along with the Sun and Mercury. This transit of Venus forms a very good yoga by exchanging it’s sign with that of an exalted Saturn. This is considered auspicious. By this exchange of signs, both planets become strong and their best qualities are readily expressed like maturity, hard work, disciplined and commitment towards realization of goals.



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