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8th Moon: The Real Secret to Time Management

DateJanuary 3, 2013


The 8th Waning Moon belongs to the Lord of Time, Kala Bhairava. Each year has a different feel and it is Kala Bhairava who sets the tone. The very First 8th waning Moon of 2013 provides you with the opportunity to connect with Kala Bhairava and to tune into the new vibration and be In Sync with “2013-Time”.



Significance of the Number 8

Eight (8) is a very powerful and mysterious number, it rules; Time, Life, Wealth and Saturn. Time is the foremost factor that determines not only your growth but the growth of the entire Universe. Time is everything and it is a matter of great concern.

If you have a bad relationship with Time, it will affect every area of your Life; Career, Relationship, even Health. Bad timing means you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you struggle with; Procrastination, being Idle, or just being Lazy. You are experiencing the ill effects of Bad Time Karma. Kala Bhairava the Celestial Guardian, will protect you from negativity in all forms. He provides you with the vision and drive necessary to make intelligent and efficient use of time so you can grow and protect your inner and outer wealth.


Change your Time, Change your Destiny

The Lord of Time, Kala Bhairava can change your bad time into good time. ‘Kala’ means Time’ and Bhairava is another name for Lord Shiva in his furious form, as time is unrelenting. Lord Kala Bhairava looks fierce, dark in complexion and has a dog as his vehicle. Hence there is a simple yet powerful act to receive Kala Bhairava’s grace and that is to feed dogs! This simple act will help dissolve karmas that are pending.


Did You Know?

The Siddhas are masters of time and advise that you should not pray randomly. There is a correct time to pray to each deity. For instance you should pray to; Ganesha on the 4th moon, Muruga on the 6th moon, Bhairava on the 8th moon, Vishnu on the 11th moon, and Shiva on the 13th and the New Moon.


Why Astrological Remedies?

VA YA NA MA SI mantra works like magic.

“In spite of having excellent academic qualifications, I was not able to land a good job and relationship was also lacking. I was very frustrated with my life. Then I started to chant the mantra, “VA YA NA MA SI”. Out of the blue, I was reconnected to my first love. Inspired I added a karma busting ritual, cutting lemons in half. Within a week I accepted an offer with a very good company at a very good salary.” ~ Anonymous, India.



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