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13th Moon Interrupts Cause-and-Effect

On June 04, 2013


While some people are able to accomplish a task with little or extra efforts, others achieve only moderate results despite putting strenuous efforts. Why does it happen? The answer is - due to karma. Karma is not a metaphysical philosophy, it is real; it is the principle of cause and effect in action. Karma rules all aspects of life like courage, self-esteem, health, wealth, education, success, failure, even whom you will love, etc. There are many philosophical categorizations of Karma, but for our purposes, we will address 2 primary sources: your actions and thoughts from past lives and your ancestors' actions and thoughts.

The planets are karmic agents revealing when good or bad karma will manifest in your life. Whether you wish to live a material or spiritual life, one thing is certain: you must eliminate your bad karma before you experience success.

The 13th and the New Moon phases carry specific energy to clear deeply rooted patterns and ancestral karma from your life. . On the New Moon & Pradosham days (13th Moon), you can clear more karma than other days in general. Proper rituals and meditations on this day, appease your ancestors and help bring light into your life.



What is Pradosham?

Pradosham literally means the removal of sins. This window of time provides you with an opportunity to remove karmic energies that limit your potential in this current life.

AstroVed's Expert Vedic Priests perform Special Poojas on the 13th Moon. Specific Vedic chants are recited, the correct authentic offerings are made including water, sandalwood powder, milk, yogurt, honey etc.

Karma is the reason why we have to struggle in life. Pradosham is a time when we can make atonement for the sins that the soul may have acquired over numerous births. Pradosham rituals are powerful to bring relief from the sufferings. It would bring a positive influence in your life.


New Moon Ancestor Worship & Success

The impact ancestors have on your life is profound. Not even Gods can do for you what the ancestors can do. In fact, Gods ask you to go through your ancestors (to get what you want). In cultures where ancestor worship is accepted, it is well known that one of the main reasons for failure in finances, relationships, health and/or career is due to unsatisfied ancestors. This holds true whether one is aware of one's ancestors or not.

On New Moon day, your ancestor spirits are more willing and able to make a full crossing to the other worlds. They are especially satisfied and pleased when honored and given the food they love (rice, black sesame seeds, dharba grass, tulsi and sandalwood). When they cross over completely and successfully, they grow into family deities, bringing you many blessings and significantly improving your life.

Tarpanam performed on the New Moon of June 8th, 2013 IST will bring the blessings of your ancestors. This Saturday New Moon is called Sani Amavasai, and it is a very favourable and rare day to please Lord Shani. This ritual will be recorded in the karmic record books that Saturn keeps and is taken in account when his gaze falls upon you (Sade Sati, major period, minor period or during a significant transit). This ritual will help to reduce the current or future malefic influence of Saturn.


Reminder: Short-Cut Time for Dramatic Change

The quickest way to change your karma is to be aware of time. The 5 Key Time categories will give you a deep awareness of the day and an understanding of the time energies that are constantly unfolding throughout the day. If the time is good then there will be sufficient energies to accomplish your task.Take advantage of this repeating energy, AstroVed is offering a special Rig Veda Fire Lab for Wealth at a Good Time, so you can receive a cheque every day in a noble way.


Did You Know?

Astrologically, the Moon governs our Mind and Emotions. We experience the influence of the Moon every moment of the day on earth. All water bodies like; oceans, lakes, ponds, and even the water in our body is governed by Moon. Imagine the mind as a lake; when it is clear and still, you can see deeply, your intuitive powers are at their strongest and you can use this mind-state to resolve issues with utmost clarity.



The 5th house in your astrology chart will reveal if your ancestors are supporting you or cursing you. If weak or harmful planets influence the 5th house and the influence of beneficial planets is missing then the Ancestors need to be propitiated regularly.


Did You Know?

Protection from Eye-related diseases can be achieved by offering pure ghee to Shiva Lingas in temples where the Sun's rays fall directly on the Linga. Doing worship on Sun pooja days in the morning provides eye protection for yourself and your family.  


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