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Vedic Astrology for Beauty And Health

The ancient seers and saints had great interest in providing practical solutions for humanity, and collectively, they have left us with a wealth of information for better health and beauty that is very relevant in the modern world. Health Our expert Vedic astrologers can successfully trace out the cosmic influences which determine your health by carefully analyzing your Birth Chart to identify the planetary positioning of Mars (vigor and vitality), Saturn (longevity and endurance) and Sun (life-affirming energies). In addition, for answering health questions, our astrologers look closely at influences of the following Houses in your birth chart:
  • 1st House: This Zodiac environment is the backdrop for your general well-being, body and personality
  • 5th House: Helps suggest how to overcome health complications
  • 6th House: Gives important indications about the nature of diseases your body may be experiencing
  • 8th House: Reveals obstacles and even dramatic physical issues such as the loss of an organ due to disease or other significant health issues
  • 11th House: Influences associated with this house can help suggest how to bring recovery from physical disorders
  • 12th House: Determines factors for hospitalization and assists with analysis of possible defects in physique
Vedic Astrology is not a substitute for proper medical treatment or advice, and we urge you to follow the advice of medical professionals. We do suggest astrological information from examination of your chart by an astrologer expertly trained in medical astrology can provide valuable insights for your well being. Beauty In modern times, we live in a visual society. While inner beauty and personality is more highly regarded once we get to know someone, physical beauty nevertheless brings instant joy and attraction to people. Our trained Vedic astrologers will carefully examine your Moon sign (mental and emotional outlook) as well as your Moon (relationship with the Divine Feminine) and the placement of the planet Venus (who governs beauty and grace) in your Birth Chart.

We recommend these basic diagnosis tools:

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Consult Our Astrologer : Ask up to 3 Questions

Consult Our Astrologer : Ask up to 3 Questions

Do you have questions or concerns about life? Your questions are important and that's why we ensure timely solution of your problems. Ask our panel of expert astrologers up to 3 questions and get clear guidance about how to deal with the issues.  

US $ 33.00
Live Astrology Consultation

Live Astrology Consultation

Do you have concerns about your future? You can now speak with our expert panel of Vedic astrologers to find solutions to your life problems. Be it your career, love, money or relationship issue, you can trust to get vivid and life-transforming answers. 

US $ 59.00
One Year Detailed Health And Well Being Report

One Year Detailed Health And Well Being Report

One Year Health & Well Being Our Health astrologer can give you an accurate and precise insight of what year ahead has in store for your health. A careful evaluation of your Birth Chart will reveal the planetary positions of Sun, Saturn and Mars (who regulate health and diseases) in the following houses: 

US $ 37.00
Astrologer Prescribed Remedy for Your Problem

Astrologer Prescribed Remedy for Your Problem

Problems are unavoidable in our day to day life but you can avoid being trapped by it. Resolve your issues, be it related to finance, romance, career or health or any other area of life, through the Astrologer Prescribed Remedy program. We have specific remedies to attack your problem. 

US $ 22.00

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