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know your planets

Know Your Planets

Do you give Power to the planets

Are you among those who want to make conscious and successful decisions? Decisions which bring you, closer to your desired goals? If you are, then identifying your good and bad planets can be a wise decision to take, which can give you some crucial information about the planets positions.

It’s vital to know the manner by which the planets affect your life. If a planet’s position is placed well in your birth chart & is a good planet, it will help you to taste success in all your endeavors.

Similarly if a planet’s position is not well placed, it will bring unfavorable results in life during its periods. It may affect you in a stressful, uncomfortable, even painful manner until you perform remedies and begin to appease them.

The factors that decide whether the planets are good or bad are:

  • The Placement of the planet or planet positions
  • The Position of the house (with respect to the Ascendant)
  • Its Strength in its own sign, Friendly sign or in Exalted sign
  • The Transits of the planets
An experienced astrologer will help you identify the good and bad planetary positions, at the glimpse of your horoscope/ natal chart. Identifying your good and bad planets will give you an idea about the favorable and unfavorable planets in your birth chart; moreover, in what way these indications or matters are connected with you. In further, you will receive remedial measures to get the blessings from a particular planet which can help you to get closer to your desired goals. Note: Please allow approximately 3 to 5 working days for delivery of the Report. Understand how each planet influences your mind and your life. Check your planets and see if they are helping or hurting you and then perform remedies for the ones that negatively distract you. The best remedy is a 9 planet Fire Lab. It strengthens your good planets and reduces the ill effects of the bad planets.

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Identification of Good/Bad Planets

Identification of Good/Bad Planets

Do you believe in taking successful decisions that take you closer to your desired goal? If yes, then it is important for you to understand how you can make use of the planetary positions in your chart to support your endeavors. Know your Good and Bad Planets and act smartly.  

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