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What is Vishnu Deepam?

December 7, 2019 | Total Views : 952
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When Saivites celebrate this day to commemorate this day as the day of light, in which Lord Shiva manifested himself as a pillar of light. Similarly, Vaishnavites celebrate this day as Vishnu Deepam, commemorating the Full moon day as the feet of Lord Vishnu. Karthigai month is highly sacred. Vishnu Deepam 2019 is cherished by the people and celebrated with pomp and glory. Lord Vishnu is one of the Holy Trinity of Hindu Pantheon. He is regarded as the Lord of Protector, where he blesses the people and set righteousness.  Karthigai Deepam festival is one of the important festivals in India. It is important to note that Vishnu-Paadam corresponds to Vernal equinox, in North India, and Autumnal equinox in South India. Autumnal equinoctial commemorates to  “Lord Thrivikrama's Sthithi”, or where he stood. He kept his third foot on King Bali and pressed him underground.

Legend of Vamana Avatar:

Lord Vishnu had nine manifestations or Avatars earlier, and Kalki Avatar will be at the end of the Kali Yuga. Once as Narashima Avatar, he protected King Pragalada from his father Hiranyakashipu, who was not allowing his son to worship Lord Vishnu, instead pestered Pragalada to worship him. Lord appeared from the pillar and saved him from his father. Upon the promise of Lord Vishnu to protect the generations of King Pragalada, Lord himself descended from Heaven as a young Brahmin urchin. King Mahabali was the great-grandson of King Prahalada. He ruled the kingdom of Kerala. He received a lot of fervor from the people. Once while conducting Yagna, he welcomed a young lad who was just ten years old and carried a palm umbrella.  On seeing the young urchin, he promised him any boon that he could ask for. Vain surrounded the King Mahabali, who could not guess that it was Lord Vishnu Himself. With pride, he asked the urchin to measure the three feet of land.

Lord Vamana then took Vishvaroopam, Magnificent growth which God prefers to show his ardent devotees and other people who worship him with piety. With his one feet, he measured the entire earth. With his second feet, he measured the entire universe. When he questioned King Mahabali for his third measure of land, the King requested the Lord to keep his feet on his head. Thus, King Mahabali was sent to the “PatalLok”. To make his people happy, he was permitted to visit for ten-day every year. This indicates the love for a king towards his subjects and a proof that God will always protect and fulfill the wish.


The month of Karthigai is filled with mystic powers, which enhances happiness and contentment in the minds of people. Karthigai Deepam 2019 will bring positive results to people, who worship it with devotion. Lord himself will ascend to earth, and bless the people with his own hands. Karthigai Deepam rituals are elaborate and bring positive results to those who celebrate with piety. There are several instances in history, where people are protected by the almighty, during times of calamity.

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