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Venus Mahadasha and Bhukti Effects

March 15, 2018 | Total Views : 35,842
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Venus Mahadasha General Interpretations

Venus is generally perceived to be a benefic planet bestowing one with materialistic pleasures and worldly comforts. The planet gifts the natives with precious jewelry and awards one with nobility. Venus, when positively placed in a birth chart prevents the ill effects of hurdles and fills the life with prosperity, hilarity and bliss. One would develop an interest towards artistic fields as Venus bestows creativity. The person becomes more charming and admirable in their surroundings. Venus Dasha is a period of auspicious events and fills the life with happiness and good fortune. One would receive high reverence and admiration from family, friends and also rewards such as state honors. Venus Mahadasha fills one’s heart with pure thoughts and honesty and develops an interest towards religious and social endeavors. One would reach heights in professional and fiscal fronts. A badly placed Venus in birth chart can cause unwanted disputes, separation from kinsmen, anxiety and loss in business.

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Venus Mahadasha

Venus Mahadasha Specific Interpretations

  • One may develop talent of trading and commence new endeavors
  • Acquisition of vehicles, blessing of children and inheritance of wealth from forefathers
  • A weak Venus can cause domestic fights, gastric ailments and cough
  • Favor and honor from people in high position
  • Threat from robbery, authority and fire
  • Loss of wealth, disgrace and constant grief
  • Interest towards poetry, music and arts
  • Gain of wealth, business progress and blissful life
  • Loss of land, animals and agriculture

Venus Mahadasha – Venus Bhukti Venus is generally perceived as a positive planet known for its offering of good affluence and material comforts. It brings liveliness and charm to an individual and makes him/her more admirable in the surroundings. This Bhukti period is dominated by Venus and would elicit the following impacts:

  • Career growth and financial gains
  • One would become more admirable and lovable
  • Rewards and acknowledgements at work place
  • Interest towards arts, creative pursuits and music
  • Inclination towards pious and social deeds
  • Gain of wealth, fame and worldly luxuries
  • Construction of a new house, blissful family, success in business ventures
  • Distress of wife and children & separation from friends and relations
  • Gain of clothes, jewelry and support from government
  • Venus Mahadasha – Sun Bhukti The presence of Sun in Bhukti would pose some impediments and would make the native’s life a little tough. Since Venus is present in Mahadasha, it would impose positive effects; however, the presence of Sun results in a blend of both positive and adverse reactions. Venus Mahadasha – Sun Bhukti will pose the following influences in one’s life:
  • One may have to confront hurdles at workplace and need to input more hard work in every endeavor
  • One may be surrounded by some opposition and enemies
  • Chances of few losses and failures
  • Lack of support and wrath of authority
  • Physical ailments related to head, eyes, stomach and chest
  • Loss of wealth and fear of pain
  • Increase in enmity and loss of agricultural produce
  • Auspicious events include gain of name and fame, birth of a son, bliss of wife, children and parents
  • This period may pose several health issues
  • Venus Mahadasha – Moon Bhukti The presence of Moon in Venus Mahadasha may impose both positive and negative impacts based upon their placements in one’s birth chart. Since both the planets are soft in nature, this period may impart delicateness in an individual. Effects of Venus Mahadasha – Moon Bhukti are as follows:
  • One would have to face few hurdles and impediments at workplace
  • Opposition and lack of support could result in failures and loss of wealth
  • When these planets are strongly placed in a horoscope, one can win over the obstacles
  • Personal conflicts can result in bitter relationships
  • Inclination towards religious aspects and divinity
  • A negatively placed Moon can force the person to enter an immoral path
  • One may suffer from acidity, head ache, pain and venereal diseases
  • Profits in business and gain of wealth
  • Distress to wife and children and separation from family members
  • Physical fitness at the beginning of the Dasha and ailments towards the end of the Dasha
  • Venus Mahadasha – Mars Bhukti Mars is perceived as a highly potent planet and presence of Mars in Venus Mahadasha could result in both positive and adverse impacts depending upon the planetary positions in one’s birth chart and hence could result in a balanced period. Venus Mahadasha – Mars Bhukti can bestow the following effects in one’s life:
  • Increase in strength and valor
  • Hasty and hostile behavior
  • Improvement of self-confidence
  • Victory over hurdles at workplace
  • Distress to wife and loss of position
  • Acquisition of land, property, garments and jewelry
  • Suffering due to fever, pain, acidity and blood infection
  • Gain of wealth and fulfillment of desires
  • Venus Mahadasha – Rahu Bhukti The arrival of shadow, malefic planet Rahu in Venus Mahadasha poses many hurdles and difficulties in the native’s life. The combination of the potent Rahu and frail Venus could result mostly with the adverse effects of Rahu. The influences of Venus Mahadasha – Rahu Bhukti are as follows:
  • Loss of wealth and position
  • One may be surrounded by enemies and may face opposition at workplace
  • Antagonism with relations and close ones
  • Irrational wandering and injury due to fire
  • Strong placement of Venus could result in financial gains
  • Ailments related to urinary system
  • Positive effects for up to 5 months during the beginning of the Bhukti, but may pose threat of fever and indigestion towards the end
  • Visits to holy sites
  • Venus Mahadasha – Jupiter Bhukti Jupiter is an extremely benefic planet which is considered to bestow positive effects upon an individual. The presence of Jupiter in Venus Mahadasha can gift one with potency, intelligence and mental strength, making the period predominantly filled with positive effects. Venus Mahadasha – Jupiter Bhukti can confer the following impacts in one’s life: High reverence at workplace
  • Acquire good comforts and riches at home
  • True inspiration rests on acquiring spiritual knowledge and involving in pious deeds
  • Happiness from wife and children but they may suffer from illnesses
  • Friendship with scholars and reverence from government
  • Gain of wealth and good reputation
  • Threat from thieves and authority, quarrels with relations and migration to foreign lands
  • Physical stress and mental agony
  • Venus Mahadasha – Saturn Bhukti Planet Saturn is perceived as one of the most powerful planets which impart both positive and adverse effects upon an individual. The combination of Saturn with Venus in the Mahadasha can reduce some of its malefic effects and could bring a blend of both pleasing and negative impacts. Following are the influences of Venus Mahadasha – Saturn Bhukti period:
  • In spite of obstacles, Saturn makes an individual more potent and dominant and help in reaching heights in profession
  • Attainment of wealth, material comforts and luxuries
  • One may have to input more efforts and hard work to accomplish any task
  • Acquisition of land, wealth and property
  • Lethargy and increase in expenditure, if Saturn is weakly placed
  • Physical distress and migration to foreign lands
  • Distress to wife, parents and children
  • Birth of a daughter and visit to holy shrines
  • Inclination towards evil deeds
  • Venus Mahadasha – Mercury Bhukti Mercury is a benefic planet and bestows one with good fortune, potency and intellect. The combination of Venus and Mercury would predominantly impart positive effects in one’s life. Venus Mahadasha – Mercury Bhukti renders the following impacts in an individual’s life:
  • One is admired for sincerity, kindness and honesty
  • Career growth and increase of wealth
  • Maintain good relations in social and professional fronts
  • Attain high reverence and support from the surrounding
  • Happy and contented family life
  • Clarity of thoughts and flexible in nature
  • Interest towards arts, music and creativity
  • Increase in valor and involvement in courageous deeds
  • Auspicious events include gain of wealth, birth of a son etc.
  • Venus Mahadasha – Ketu Bhukti The shadow planet Ketu is more potent and malefic when compared to fragile Venus and the combination of these two planets results in an unpleasant period filled with most of the negative shades of Ketu. Following are the effects of Venus Mahadasha – Ketu Bhukti:
  • Hurdles at workplace
  • Need for more hard work and endeavor which might not yield fruitful results
  • Enemies may cause impediments
  • Loss of position and failures in professional front which could lead to fiscal instability
  • Hatred towards friends and family members
  • Increase in expenditure, unwanted quarrels and irrational wandering
  • Threat from snakes and thieves
  • One may suffer from head ache and diabetes
  • Impatience and defame
  • Physical distress and loss in ventures

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  • Nikhil Kishore Sorathia
    Lots of financial suffering and stress due to losses
    March 8, 2019
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  • Shekher Das
    I am suffering from Ketu Mahadasha and lost lot of things in life.Have bad debt.Sukra is entering in Sept'19.Sukra is placed in 11th house from my Leo Lagna.Is it going to help me come of the distress suffering from Ketu for last 7-Years.Ketu is 2nd house from lagna.
    February 5, 2019
    • Vinothkumar


      Greetings from AstroVed.

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      February 22, 2019
    • Vinothkumar


      Greetings from AstroVed.

      Please write to support@astroved.com so that we can check with our astrologer and provide you the required information.

      Team AstroVed

      February 22, 2019