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Vedic Astrology Remedies to Reduce Stress in Married Life

March 17, 2016 | Total Views : 3,363
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Difficult situations in marriage may come due to many reasons: bad finances, failing health of spouse, partner’s lack of love and compassion, progeny issues, etc. According to Vedic Astrology, such situations come up when one is exposed to unfavorable planetary energies. Remedies are one of the most powerful elements of Vedic Astrology. They not only neutralize or lessen the impact of such unfavorable energies, but also improve one’s relationship with these energies to enhance the level of peace and joy in their lives. vedic-astrology-Remedies Just as a doctor would first make a diagnosis of the problem and then prescribe medicines to cure it, an astrologer would first study the natal chart of an individual to understand the energies responsible for the trouble, and would then suggest remedies to restrain the influence of such energies. Remedies involve communicating with these energies and pacifying them to gain their blessings, either directly or by means of their ruling archetypal forces through the medium of fire labs, light and sound offerings, sound frequencies, mindfulness exercises, etc. Below are some of the powerful archetypal forces which avert negative planetary energies to bring peace and contentment in one’s married life.


Uma Maheshwara -- Uma is Shakti, symbolizing power and energy, and Maheshwara is Shiva, representing consciousness. The divine couple Shiva and Shakti personifies marital bliss and harmony. Connecting with the energies of Uma Maheshwara helps one rekindle the lost magic of romance and intimacy in their relationship. Lakshmi – The archetypal goddess of wealth, good fortune, peace, and happiness is the overlord of Venus, the planet which governs love, romance, and marriage. The unfavorable energies of Venus can cause disharmony and conflict in relationships. Invoking the energies of Lakshmi will help one counteract such energies and revive love and harmony in their marriage. Muruga – The archetype of victory and success, Muruga, brings positivity and vitality to our lives, and he is the overlord of Mars, the planet of energy, aggression, and passion. Mars, if not placed in a favorable position in one’s natal chart, will bring adversities in married life. Relationship problems manifested through Mars can be resolved by invoking Muruga’s grace. Durga – The energies of the warrior goddess are powerful to cut through negativities that cause pain and stress in a relationship. She is also the overlord of Rahu, one of the malefics in Vedic Astrology. The presence or aspect of Rahu on the 7th house of marriage can create conflicts in marriage. Hanuman – The divine power of the monkey god equips you with courage and inner peace. He protects his devotees from the painful effects of Saturn, the planet of karma. It is considered that all the 9 planets are deeply indebted to Hanuman, and so sincere devotion to Hanuman will save one from the harmful energies of all the nine planets. Apart from the above mentioned divine forces, there are other energies which can thwart the influence of negative planetary energies to bring peace and happiness into one’s life. Sometimes, one is recommended to visit specific energy vortexes as a part of the remedy to experience personal transformation and earn spiritual and material gains.


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  • jyoti mishra
    My date of birth is 10 Feb 1982. Time 12: 57 A.M. at Etah U.P. my husband's date of birth is 2 Feb 1980 time around 9 pm. At Sri ganganagar Rajasthan. Ours is love marriage. We are facing lots of problems regarding money success.etc. mental depression is also there. Kindly suggest some simple but effective solution I've already taken many steps but no result. Just now I have worn a pearl and a citrine stone. Are they beneficiary.
    March 25, 2016