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Different names of Lord Krishna – Sri Krishna Ashtottara Shata Namavali

August 9, 2022 | Total Views : 1,219
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Lord Krishna was the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His birthday is celebrated as Krishna Jayanthi or Krishna Janmashtami. Sri Krishna Ashtottara Shata Namavali is a hymn that comprises the 108 names of Krishna. It is recited during the worship of Krishna. People also offer flowers, tulsi leaves, etc., while worshipping him. The 108 names describe the deity’s divine form, attributes, and pastimes. By reciting it, one can invoke Krishna’s blessings. 

Sri Krishna Ashtottara Shata Namavali

 Om Krishnaya Namah
 Om Kamalanathaya Namah
 Om Vasudevaya Namah
 Om Sanatanaya Namah
 Om Vasudevatmajaya Namah
 Om Punyaya Namah
 Om Lilamanusha Vigrahaya Namah
 Om Shrivatsakaustubhadharaya Namah
 Om Yashodavatsalaya Namah
 Om Hariye Namah ॥ 10 ॥

Om Chaturbhujattachakrasigada Namah
 Om Sankhambujayudayujaya Namah Shell, Lotus Flower, And Various Weapons
 Om Devakinandanaya Namah
 Om Shrishaya Namah
 Om Nandagopapriyatmajaya Namah
 Om Yamunavegasamharine Namah
 Om Balabhadrapriyanujaya Namah
 Om Putanajivitaharaya Namah
 Om Shakatasurabhanjanaya Namah
 Om Nandavrajajananandine Namah ॥ 20 ॥

Om Sachchidanandavigrahaya Namah
 Om Navanitaviliptangaya Namah
 Om Navanitanatanaya Namah
 Om Muchukundaprasadakaya Namah
 Om Shodashastrisahasreshaya Namah
 Om Tribhangine Namah
 Om Madhurakritaye Namah
 Om Shukavagamritabdindave Namah
 Om Govindaya Namah
 Om Yoginampataye Namah ॥ 30 ॥

Om Vatsavaticharaya Namah
 Om Anantaya Namah
 Om Dhenukasurabhanjanaya Namah
 Om Trinikrita Trinavartaya Namah
 Om Yamalarjunabhanjanaya Namah
 Om Uttalottalabhetre Namah
 Om Tamalashyamalakritiye Namah
 Om Gopagopishwaraya Namah
 Om Yogine Namah
 Om Kotisuryasamaprabhaya Namah ॥ 40 ॥

Om Ilapataye Namah
 Om Paramjyotishe Namah
 Om Yadavendraya Namah
 Om Yadudvahaya Namah
 Om Vanamaline Namah
 Om Pitavasane Namah
 Om Parijatapaharakaya Namah
 Om Govarthanchalodhartreya Namah
 Om Gopalaya Namah
 Om Sarvapalakaya Namah ॥ 50 ॥

Om Ajaya Namah
 Om Niranjanaya Namah
 Om Kamajanakaya Namah
 Om Kanjalochanaya Namah
 Om Madhughne Namah
 Om Mathuranathaya Namah
 Om Dwarakanayakaya Namah
 Om Baline Namah
 Om Brindavananta Sancharine Namah
 Om Tulasidama Bhushanaya Namah ॥ 60 ॥

Om Syamantakamarnerhartre Namah
 Om Naranarayanatmakaya Namah
 Om Kubja Krishnambaradharaya Namah
 Om Mayine Namah
 Om Paramapurushaya Namah
 Om Mushtikasura Chanura Mallayuddha Visharadaya Namah Mushtika And Chanura
 Om Sansaravairine Namah
 Om Kamsaraye Namah
 Om Muraraye Namah
 Om Narakantakaya Namah ॥ 70 ॥

Om Anadi Brahmacharine Namah
 Om Krishnavyasana Karshakaya Namah
 Om Shishupalashirashchhetre Namah
 Om Duryodhanakulantakaya Namah
 Om Vidurakrura Varadaya Namah
 Om Vishvarupapradarshakaya Namah
 Om Satyavache Namah
 Om Satya Sankalpaya Namah
 Om Satyabhamarataya Namah
 Om Jayine Namah ॥ 80 ॥

Om Subhadra Purvajaya Namah
 Om Vishnave Namah
 Om Bhishmamukti Pradayakaya Namah
 Om Jagadgurave Namah
 Om Jagannathaya Namah
 Om Venunada Visharadaya Namah
 Om Vrishabhasura Vidhvansine Namah
 Om Banasura Karantakaya Namah
 Om Yudhishthira Pratishthatre Namah
 Om Barhibarhavatamsakaya Namah ॥ 90 ॥

Om Parthasarathaye Namah
 Om Avyakta Namah
 Om Gitamrita Mahodadhaye Namah
 Om Kaliya Phanimanikya Ranjita Shri Padambujaya Namah
 Om Damodaraya Namah
 Om Yajnabhoktre Namah
 Om Danavendra Vinashakaya Namah
 Om Narayanaya Namah
 Om Parabrahmane Namah
 Om Pannagashana Vahanaya Namah – ॥ 100 ॥

Om Jalakrida Samasakta Gopivastrapaharakaya Namah
 Om Punya Shlokaya Namah
 Om Tirthakrite Namah
 Om Vedavedyaya Namah
 Om Dayanidhaye Namah
 Om Sarvabhutatmakaya Namah
 Om Sarvagraha Rupine Namah
 Om Paratparaya Namah – ॥ 108 ॥

Sri Krishna Ashtothram Meaning

Dark-Complexioned Lord
 Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
 Son of Vasudev
 The Eternal One
 Son of Vasudev
 Supremely Pure
 Assuming Human Form to Perform Pastimes
 Wearing Shri Vatsa and Kausthubha Gem
 Mother Yashoda’s Loving Child
 The Lord Of Nature ॥ 10 ॥
Four Armed One Carrying Weapons of Disc, Club, Conch
 One Who Holds The Sudarshana-Cakra, A Sword, Mace, Conch-Shell, Lotus Flower, and Various Weapons
 Son of Mother Devaki
 Abode of Shri (Lakshmi)
 Nanda Gopa’s Loving Child
 Destroyer of Speed of River Yamuna
 Balram’s Younger Brother
 The One Who Took The Life of Demoness Putana
 Destroyer of Demon Shakatasur
 The One Who Is Bringing Joy to Nand And People of Braj ॥ 20 ॥

The Embodiment of Existence, Awareness, and Bliss
 Lord Whose Body Is Smeared with Butter
 The One Who Dances for Butter
 The Lord Who Graced Muchukunda
 The Lord of 16,000 Women
 The One Who Has Threefold Bending Form
 Charming Form
 Ocean of Nectar According to Sukadeva (Shuka)
 One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land, and The Entire Nature
 Lord Of The Yogis ॥ 30 ॥

The One Who Goes About Caring for Calves
 The Endless Lord
 The Lord Who Beat Up The Ass-Demon Dhenukasura
 Lord Who Killed Trnavarta, The Whirlwind Demon
 The Lord Who Broke The Two Arjuna Trees
 The Lord Who Broke All The Big, Tala Trees (Killing Dhenuka)
 Lord Who Is Blackish Like A Tamala Tree
 Lord of The Gopas and Gopis
 The Supreme Master
 One Who Is as Lustrous as A Million Suns ॥ 40 ॥

The One Who Is The Master Of Knowledge
 One With A Supreme Light
 Lord of Yadav Clan
 Leader of Yadus
 One Wearing A Sylven Garland
 One Wearing Yellow Robes
 One Who Removes Parijath Flower
 Lifter of Govardhan Hill
 Protector of Cows
 Protector of All Beings ॥ 50 ॥

The Conqueror of Life And Death
 The Unblemished Lord
 One Generating Desires in Worldly Mind
 One With Beautiful Eyes
 Slayer of Demon Madhu
 Lord of Mathura
 The Hero of Dvaraka
 The Lord of Strength
 One Who Loiters About The Outskirts Of Vrindavana
 One Who Wears A Tulasi Garland ॥ 60 ॥

Who Appropriated The Symantaka Jewel
 The Selfsame Nara-Narayana
 One Who Applied Ointment by Kubja The Hunchbacked
 Magician, Lord of Maya
 The Supreme One
 One Who Expertly Fought The Wrestlers Mushtika And Chanura
 Enemy of Material Existence
 Enemy of King Kamsa
 Enemy of Demon Mura
 Destroyer of Demon Naraka ॥ 70 ॥

Beginning Less Absolute
The Remover of Draupadi’s Distress
The Remover of Shishupal’s Head
The Destroyer of Duryodhana’s Dynasty
The Destroyer of Demon Naraka
The Revealer of Vishwasrupa (Universal Form)
 Speaker of Truth
 Lord of True Resolve
 Lover of Satyabhama
 The Ever Victorious Lord ॥ 80 ॥

Om Subhadra Purvajaya Namah – Brother Of Subhadra
 Om Vishnuve Namah – Lord Vishnu
 Om Bhishmamukti Pradayakaya Namah – One Who Bestowed Salvation To Bhishma
 Preceptor of The Universe
 Lord of The Universe
 One Expert in The Playing of Flute Music
 Destroyer of the Demon, Vrishbasura
 The Lord Who Vanquished Banasura’s Arms
 One Who Established Yudhisthira As A King
 One Who is Adorned With Peacock Feathers ॥ 90 ॥

Chariot Driver of Arjuna
 The Unmanifested
 An Ocean Containing Nectar of Bhagwad Gita
 The Lord Whose Lotus Feet Are Adorned by Gems From the Hood of Kaliya Serpent
 One Tied Up With A Rope At The Waist
 One Who Consumes Sacrificial Offerings
 Destroyer of The Lord of The Asuras
 The One Who Is Lord Vishnu
 The Supreme Brahmana
 Whose Carrier (Garuda) Devours Snakes ॥ 100 ॥

The Lord Who Hid Gopi’s Clothes While They Were Playing In River Yamuna
 The Lord Whose Praise Bestows Merit
 Creator of Holy Places
 Source of Vedas
 One Who Is A Treasure Of Compassion
 Soul of Elements
 To All-Formed One
 Greater Than The Greatest ॥ 108 ॥

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