Remedy Rituals for Ancestors going back 64 Generations Soul Genetics Grand Ritual

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Remedy Rituals for Ancestors going back 64 Generations Soul Genetics Grand Ritual

March 10, 2016 | Total Views : 2,176
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Many of the thoughts that you have now, are primarily your ancestor's thoughts. Because you do not simply inherit biological genes you also inherit the souls of your ancestors. This is called Soul Genetics, a term coined by Dr. Pillai. This means that you are not independent. A vast amount of your thoughts come from your ancestors, so they in effect control your destiny. To gain control of your destiny you need to establish a reciprocal relationship with them. You need Soul Genetics.

Soul Genetics Grand Ritual

Soul Genetics is the spiritual science of connecting with your departed ancestors and making offerings to release them into light. As your ancestors ascend into light, they will send their blessings to positively transform your life. Dr. Pillai has designed a grand Soul Genetics (Tarpanam) ritual so you can gain health, wealth and good standing from your ancestors going back 64 generations. On New Moon, Tarpanam rituals will be performed by Vedic Specialists in Six Extraordinary Power-spots.

Tarpanam rituals will be performed in the 6 Extraordinary Power spots

  • To receive Abundance and Money Blessings - Lakshmi
  • To Remove the Worst of Sins – Shiva (Archetype Rama)
  • To Remove Curses from Gods & Angels - Shiva
  • For Well Being of Your Ancestors – Shiva (Archetype Rama)
  • For Removal of Sins committed through the Senses – Shiva (Shiva’s Southern Abode)
  • To Remove Financial Debts – Muruga (Located by Seashore)

The New Moon is also a powerful time to establish a connection with your maternal and paternal ancestors. Performing the Tarpanam ritual on this day clears energy blocks, negativity, evils and shortcomings in all aspects of your life. Invoke the energies of your ancestors in your life for a healthy, wealthy and negativity-free life.

The impact ancestors have on your life is profound. Not even Gods can do for you what your ancestors can do. In fact the Gods ask you to go through your ancestors (to get what you want). Ancient cultures knew that the ancestors have a powerful governing influence over our destiny.

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  • Julie Hi, what do I do with the ashes you sent me after I completed the soul genetic surgery ritual?
    December 13, 2016
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