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Moles On The Body and Their Significance

July 3, 2020 | Total Views : 1,274
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Do Moles on the body mean anything?

Many people are found to have moles on the body. Sometimes, they can add to the beauty of the person. For instance, the famous Hollywood actress, Marilyn Monroe, had a signature mole on her lower left cheek, which added to her sex appeal and allure. Strangely, in 1959, the mole vanished, and another one appeared on her chin. Science says that moles are formed when skin cells grow in a cluster. The cells are called melanocytes, and they make melanin, which gives color to the skin. Moles are usually black or brown in color and are like spots, which may be big or small. They can appear anywhere on the body. 

Some people claim that moles are imprints from our past lives, which are carried forward in our current life. Astrologers believe that Moles represent one’s karma and personality. There are many superstitions around moles, with some considered lucky and others considered unlucky. 

Mole Astrology

Moles astrology is a branch of SaamudrikaShashtra, the art of reading the face, aura, and physical features of a person. It reveals the significance of moles and the effects they have on us. It is said that they can even reveal the destiny of an individual. Mole astrology helps one understand the positive and negative effects of these body marks. Moles often appear because of certain planetary positions, when a child is in the mother’s womb itself. Interesting. And what about for men? would it be the opposite? that is, if the sign and influencing planet are feminine, the mole will be on the right side of the body, and if they are masculine, it will be on the left side? Cos I remember hearing it from someone/reading it somewhere that moles work opposite way in males and females. It would be better to clarity also for males.

Size, shape, and color of moles 

Small moles do not have much of an effect in general. The auspicious ones are round and big or long too. Triangular moles give mixed results, while round ones reveal a good heart. Zigzag moles give bad results, and square ones make a person unpredictable and help avert evil. Moles that are colored red, honey, sandalwood, or emerald green, are often lucky, but black moles are not good and may bring many obstacles in life.

Meaning of Moles on the Body

Perhaps it would be better to add a note here that the below indications are common for both men and women unless specified otherwise.

On the forehead 

If a mole is found in the middle of the forehead, the person will be calm and wise, have good insight, and is hard-working.

Moles on the right side of the forehead mean that the person will be rich.

If the mole is on the forehead’s left side, the person might suffer bad luck and be selfish.

If there are moles on either side of the temples, the person might get money unexpectedly, and have a beautiful spouse.

Moles on the eyebrows 

If found in the middle of the eyebrows, the mole means that the person is a good leader and will achieve fame and wealth.

If the mole appears on the left side of the eyebrows, the person will have a cowardly nature and may face problems in life, business, or career.

Moles on the right side of the eyebrow suggests a happy marriage and healthy progeny.

Moles on the eyes

A mole on the right eye indicates an honest, trustworthy, and hard-working person. 

On the left eye, the mole indicates an arrogant and pessimistic person. 

Moles on the nose

If a mole is present on the tip of the nose, it indicates an impulsive person who takes decisions without proper thinking.

On the right side of the nose, a mole suggests that the person will get money without much struggle.

Moles seen on the left side of the nose reveal that the person will face a lot of struggles in life.

If found below the nose, the mole indicates a sensual person who is very attractive to the opposite sex. 

Moles on Cheek

A mole on the left cheek indicates that the person is an introvert, short-tempered, and a spendthrift.

If the mole is on the right cheek, the person has a logical mind and earns well. They may tend to dominate others.

Moles on the Ear

A mole on any part of the ear indicates a life of luxury.

Moles on the top or tips of the ears indicates an intellectual person.

Moles on the Lips

People with a mole on the lip should watch their diet, for they are likely to gain weight and develop health issues.

A mole on the lower lip suggests that the person has a great taste.

Moles on the Tongue

Moles on the tongue indicate that the person might have health and speech defects, and face hurdles in education.

On the tip of the tongue, the mole indicates that the bearer is highly diplomatic and knows how to manage the situation well. Also, they love food.

Moles on the Chin

A mole on the chin indicates a love for travel and a desire to explore new places.

On the right side of the chin, the mole indicates a logical and diplomatic nature.

Found on the left side of the chin, the mole indicates an honest and outspoken person.

Moles on the Neck

Moles on the front of the neck signifies that they are lucky and artistic types, with a pleasant voice.

If the mole is on the back, the person may have an aggressive temperament.

Moles on the Shoulder

Found on the left shoulder, the mole indicates a stubborn and quarrelsome person.

Moles on the right shoulder indicate a wise and brave person.

Moles on the Arm

Moles on either of the arms indicate a well-mannered and good-natured person.

Moles on the right arm suggest that the person is very smart and intelligent.

A mole on the left arm indicates an unfulfilled desire to live a luxurious life.

Moles on the Elbow

Moles on the elbow indicate a person who is artistic and wealthy. They may have a restless nature and a love of travel.

Moles on the Wrist

Any person having a mole on the wrists is likely to be a creative and innovative person. They may be good at painting or writing.

Moles on the Palms

Moles on the inside of the palms indicate that the person may have to face challenges and obstacles.

Moles on the Fingers

Moles on any of the fingers spell bad luck. They reveal a person who isn’t trustworthy and likes to exaggerate.

Moles on the Ribs

Moles on the right side of the rib means that the person is a habitual liar and fears many things.

Moles on the left side of the rib indicate an average life for the person.

Moles on the Back

A mole near the backbone indicates leadership, success, and fame.

Moles below shoulder blades indicate struggles in life.

Mole above the shoulder blades indicates the courage to tackle obstacles.

Moles on the right side of the shoulder suggest good health.

Moles on the left side indicate a diplomatic attitude.

Moles on the Chest

Moles on one’s chest indicate a person with strong, sensual tendencies.

For females, a mole on the right breast indicates that the person has bad habits like alcohol and drugs. Moles found on the right side of a man’s chest indicate frequent financial troubles.

Moles on the left side of the chest indicate a clever person who is not good at maintaining good relationships with friends and family. For females, a mole on the left breast indicates a sober nature and good relationships with family and co-workers.

Moles on the Navel

For females, moles around the navel indicate that she’ll have a happy marital life and have many kids.

Moles on the left side of a man’s navel mean that he will lead a prosperous life, be wealthy, and have kids who will become famous.

Moles on the Stomach

A mole on the stomach or abdomen means that the person will always be in high spirits.

Moles on the right side of the stomach indicate a good financial background and a weakness for women.

Moles on the left side of the stomach indicate a jealous nature and a tendency to avail shortcuts to make money.

Moles on the Hip

Moles on either of the hips indicate an affectionate and jolly nature and loyalty.

A mole on the right hip suggests wisdom and creativity.

Moles on the left hip indicate a satisfying life even if the income is less.

Moles on Genitals

Moles on the genitals represent an open-minded, generous, and honest person. They will be highly romantic, and their married life will be blissful. Although they won’t be very wealthy, they will be content.

Moles on the Thighs

If there is a mole on the right thigh, the person has a fearless and moderate temperament.

A mole on the left thigh indicates artistic inclinations and a lazy and socially inactive temperament.

Moles on the Knee

A mole on the left knee reveals a person who loves to take risks and wishes to live like a king.

Moles on the right knee reveal a honest, friendly nature and a successful love life.

Moles on the Calf

Moles on the right calf indicate that the person will achieve success and prosperity. They might enter politics and enjoy the favors of women.

Moles on the left calf indicate a hard-working person who may often travel for work, and have a large friends’ circle.

Moles on the Legs

Moles on the legs reveal that the person is fearless and doesn’t think too much before acting. Consequently, they will be very controversial and have a negative attitude.

Moles on the Ankles

Moles on the right ankle indicate a foresighted and talkative nature. Moles on the left ankle indicate a religious temperament.

Moles on the Feet

Moles on the right foot reveal that the person may have a good-hearted spouse and a satisfactory family life.

Moles on the left foot indicate monetary problems and marital troubles.

Moles on the soles of the feet suggest frequent illness, bad luck, and enemies.

Moles on the Toes

Moles on the toes indicate a troubled marital life, even if the spouse is rich.

Now that you know the hidden meanings behind moles, find out what the moles on your body say about your personality and your future.

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