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Libra Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,230
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Libra, the sign that is As the seventh sign of the Zodiac, Libra represents a sense of balance. For Libra, Harmony is the keyword, Beauty, their quality and Fair play is their identity. The Latin word Libra means, Balance or Scales. The Scales are their symbol which represents equilibrium. Venus is their key planet, which denotes love and desire. Air is their element, which points to being in a state of motion and change. Libra is highly balanced, who is also wise, fair and smart. They are peace-loving people, who are level headed, honest and diplomatic. But, they tend to be fickle minded and unsteady.

Libra Woman

A woman born in the zodiac sign of Libra is essentially an aesthete, someone who understands, appreciates, loves and worships beauty. Her concept of beauty encompasses a wide spectrum, that includes nature, any work of art, performing arts like music and dance, and all forms of aesthetic creativity. A thing of beauty may be a joy forever for others, but for Libran women, anything beautiful becomes something that is immensely loveable with all their hearts. She is also a pleasing personality, sweet and gentle. She exudes a quiet elegance and has an innate charm, and these give her a refined look and make her a class apart. For her, harmony comes next only to beauty, as she keeps looking a beautiful harmony in things around. A Libra woman is also caring, affectionate, sincere, emotional and is a thorough romantic at heart. The traditional scales, the Libra symbol, can be seen moving from side to side trying to strike a balance, and the Librans remain true to their symbol. The Libra women will almost always be trying to strike a balance between extremes, and choosing the middle path. She loves and longs for such a balanced living and believes that it is the harmonious relationship, which contributes to that equilibrium in life. She will be extremely uncomfortable with frictions, arguments and conflicts, and will even be prepared for sacrifices, for the sake of maintaining tranquility in relationships. They have an inherent sense of justice, equality and fairness, as their sense of beauty includes these noble traits too. They are fair and honest in their dealings and expect others also, to be likewise. They are open minded and straight forward, and take pride in being so. They love the comforts and luxuries of life and also like to have their living space well decorated with objects of artistic merit. They are also known for their tact and diplomacy, and combining these with their immense patience, can smoothen ruffled feathers and restore peace, in whatever role they play. But, there is definitely another side to a Libra woman. They are extremely fair, and expect the world to be fair too, not only with them, but also in general, as per their own rigorous standards. Here, a Libra woman seems to be too innocent to accept the reality that world remains unfair, to a very large extent. Any injustice can put them off greatly and lead to heart break. In their obsession for a fairness that is perfect, they keep on trying to see all sides of an issue and considering all viewpoints. Thus, they often end up simply dwelling on a problem, thinking this way and then the other way. In the process, they give up many times, without arriving at any sort of a conclusion at all. Librans are thus indecisive and this works against their own interests. As they keep oscillating and changing their minds, they become somewhat unpredictable and run the risk of being considered, unreliable. They are so much for harmony, that they tend to try pleasing all the people, all the time. Hence they find it difficult to say ‘no’, and they end up saying ‘yes’, even when they actually want to give only ‘no’, as the answer. However, a Libra woman brings her sincere emotions to her love. Companionship holds immense value for her, and she will readily invest all her heart and soul with love, for making it an immensely satisfying experience. She will be a devoted wife and a very caring mother. However, her wavering mind and unpredictable nature can throw off balance, even the relationships, which she values so much. If they can dwell on their strengths and spread love, beauty, harmony and justice around, and have a check on their unreasonable expectations on fairness, their capricious nature and unpredictability, the Libra women can become adorable individuals, who are loved, emulated and followed.

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