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Krishna Mantra for Wealth and Prosperity

October 30, 2017 | Total Views : 4,034
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Loving Lord Krishna without reservations and ulterior motives goes a long way in achieving divine consciousness and awareness. This unselfish love for the Supreme Being elevates one to a surreal plane and helps one to tap into the latent talent lying dormant within the psyche. By doing so, one can achieve full potential and accomplish tasks which are otherwise considered daunting. Chanting the divine Mantra dedicated to Lord Krishna on the occasion of his birthday, which is celebrated as ‘Janmashtami’ can bring about extraordinary results and literally change the course of one’s destiny. One can make remarkable progress in life by observing this ritual in the sequence mentioned below. Krishna Mantra for wealth and prosperity

Procedure for reciting the Divine Krishna Mantra:

For best results, one should start on a Monday Adopt a seating stance facing the North Wearing yellow garments is recommended An earthen lamp (diya) with unadulterated ghee should be lit Lighting incense sticks to set a divine ambience is advised The altar of the deity should be colorfully decorated with flowers Meditate on the Lord and chant the mantra mentioned below four times. Use a rosary to keep track of the component prayers.

Krishna Mantra:

Om Shreem Namah – Shri Krishna Paripurantamay Swaha|
Follow this procedure for 10 days without taking a break and experience divine consciousness overwhelming your psyche. Significance of Janmashtami Puja: The occasion of ‘Janmashtami’ is highly auspicious and offering prayers to Lord Sri Krishna on this day is considered extremely meritorious. One can achieve their goals in life just by taking his name and chanting the Mantras in his honor. This simple act can help overcome a defeatist attitude and attune one’s outlook towards positivity. banner

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