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Jupiter transit 2021 effects on Pisces Moon Sign

September 24, 2021 | Total Views : 41
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Jupiter Transit 2021 for Pisces: 

There are 9 planets or Grahas according to Vedic astrology. They are also called the Navagrahas, and among them, Jupiter or Guru is said to be the most auspicious and benevolent. It is the planet of good fortune, and hence its impact on our life is often positive. 

Jupiter is now in the sign of Capricorn, and it will transit into the sign of Aquarius on Sunday, 21st November 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST). As the 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius falls under the “Kama Houses” (House of desires). It is known to bring gains and expansion, and being of fixed nature, the gains received may also be enduring. During this Jupiter transit 2021, people will want to manage their time well. They may become more careful in all that they do. This transit is good for innovation, new technologies, and scientific research. It will make one interact with others and expand their social networks. 

The transit will have many effects on the lives of people born under all the 12 zodiac signs. Take a look at how it can affect your Moon sign. Talk To World’s Best Astrologers On Call @ Astro Speaks

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Jupiter in the 12th House or Viraya Sthana

Aquarius is Pisces’ 12th House, or Viraya Sthana, the House of Expenditure and Losses. Hence, during this transit, Pisces natives may need to spend money for buying vehicles, land, buildings, etc. Those who are working may have to deal with additional responsibilities. Some sudden and unexpected events may happen in your life. Jupiter will cast its 5th aspect on Pisces’ House of Comforts, 7th aspect on the House of Career, and 9th aspect on the House of Longevity. During this period, Pisces natives could acquire properties and go abroad, where they may prosper.

Try to be selfless and flexible if you desire good relations with family members. Be diplomatic when interacting with elders in the family. Steer clear of arguments and harsh speech. You may have to focus more on your children’s welfare now. Be accommodative with family members, as this can take your relationships to a whole new level.

Love affairs may be smooth, but you may need to expend a lot of effort. Be more selfless and caring towards your lover. The married may face some turbulence in their relationship. Avoid using harsh words, and do not get into verbal duels and arguments with your spouse.

Your health may develop some problems during this Jupiter transit, and some may have eye troubles or sleep disorders. Try to maintain adequate funds to meet sudden medical expenses. Also, eat wholesome and nutritious food, which will help to boost your health and fitness.
Money Flow:

Your finances, too, may face some problems now. However, through hard work, you may be able to improve your financial condition. Some of you may decide to purchase property, and this could lead to heavy expenses. There may be good gains through foreign investments. But try to save some money for your future needs.
Work and Business:

The employed may face some stumbling blocks in their career, which could cause some disappointment. Even after putting in hard work, the expected results may fail to materialize. Businesspersons may triumph over their rivals. Joint ventures may yield significant profits. Ample gains may come from your business partners.

School students may have many distractions. They may not be able to focus on studies. Those doing higher studies may have better absorption capacity. This could enable them to perform well in their examinations. Success may also come to those who are doing research in technology-allied fields.
Transit Remedies:

  • Get parents’ blessings to progress in life 
  • Wear yellow clothes on Thursdays 
  • Pray at Shiva temples on Thursdays

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