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Jupiter transit 2021 effects on Aquarius Moon Sign

September 24, 2021 | Total Views : 24
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Jupiter Transit 2021 for Aquarius:

There are 9 planets or Grahas according to Vedic astrology. They are also called the Navagrahas, and among them, Jupiter or Guru is said to be the most auspicious and benevolent. It is the planet of good fortune, and hence its impact on our life is often positive. 

Jupiter is now in the sign of Capricorn, and it will transit into the sign of Aquarius on Sunday, 21st November 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST). As the 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius falls under the “Kama Houses” (House of desires). It is known to bring gains and expansion, and being of fixed nature, the gains received may also be enduring. During this Jupiter transit 2021, people will want to manage their time well. They may become more careful in all that they do. This transit is good for innovation, new technologies, and scientific research. It will make one interact with others and expand their social networks. 

The transit will have many effects on the lives of people born under all the 12 zodiac signs. Take a look at how it can affect your Moon sign.Talk To World’s Best Astrologers On Call @ Astro Speaks

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Jupiter in own sign for Aquarius:

For the Aquarius sign, Jupiter will be occupying its own sign during the transit. Jupiter will cast its 5th aspect on the Aquarius’ House of Children, 7th aspect on the House of the Spouse, and 9th aspect on the House of Fortune. Thanks to this Jupiter placement, delayed marriages may be expedited, and those who have no children may be blessed with progeny soon. Also, those who are employed may be offered a promotion. They may also get a transfer or changes in their job responsibilities. On the whole, there may be prosperity, auspiciousness, and good fortune during this time.

Love and peace are likely to prevail in the family. All your family members may share cordial relationships. Couples who want children are likely to be blessed with progeny. Auspicious events are likely to occur in the family. Poojas may be performed for kula devtas or family deities now. There may be benefits and money gains from friends and relatives. 

Love relationships could be blissful now. Obstacles to marriage may disappear for eligible singles now. You may get married without facing any problems. Married couples can expect a harmonious relationship. Lovers and married natives may go for a picnics or pleasure trip and enjoy themselves.


Health may not be very good now. Some of you could suffer from issues like ulcers and indigestion. Try to eat home-cooked and nutritious food. Exercise regularly. With such measures, you may succeed in maintaining your health and fitness levels.
Money Flow 

This Jupiter transit can bring good fortune for you in terms of finances. Some of you may sell your ancestral property for a good price during this transit. Finances may show marked improvement. Ample profits could come from stock and share trading.
Work and Business

Those who are employed by the government may have more responsibilities. But those employed in the private sector may be appreciated by their bosses for their performance. The work atmosphere could be favorable for you, and the support and goodwill of your colleagues will be present. Business, too, could be good, yielding handsome profits. Those doing partnership businesses may prosper now.

School students could learn many new things. If you are doing higher studies, you are likely to perform well in your examinations and score well. Research scholars may be successful in their educational pursuits.
Transit Remedies

  • Donate food at the family deity temple
  • Feed plantains to cows on Thursdays
  • Donate clothes to temple priests

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