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Jupiter Transit 2020 For Virgo Moon Sign

October 20, 2020 | Total Views : 223
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The mighty and most magnanimous planet of positivity Jupiter will be transiting to the sign Capricorn from Sagittarius on Friday, 20th November 2020. Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for the benevolent planet Jupiter. The debilitation of Jupiter, however, gets canceled due to its association with Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Jupiter will be transiting the 5th House from Virgo, which is considered favorable. From this position, Jupiter will aspect your 9th House, the House of fortunes, spirituality, and religion, the 11th House, the House of profits, the fulfillment of desires and gains, and the 1st House, the House of talent, character and overall life.   

This Jupiter transit is out to favor you in terms of luck and fortune. This may be a perfect time for getting oriented towards religion and spirituality. It looks like the time has just arrived for completing your pending vows. You might also show greater interest in practices like Yoga and meditation. This may also be the time wherein justice is sought in every action that you perform, a time when people might call you a self-disciplined person! Also, you might show stricter observance of rules and sincere conformity to the regulations.     

Your gains are bound to remain just average. Also, you may face difficulty in saving for the future. Many relationship problems may be around the corner for you as you may not find the time favorable for a happy relationship with your partner or spouse. Many family issues may also crop up as the members may not cooperate well with each other. The transit may not even be found favorable for your business activity, and conflicts between the business partners are predicted. Unable to enjoy a pleasurable life, you may be filled with even slight frustration and some stress.        

You may, however, stay quite smart and intelligent, and this may be reflected in the shrewdness in your action. With your Purva Punya, the results of the past good deeds delivering its benefits on you, you may be happy and satisfied, as your desires may get fulfilled to a great extent. You may display boundless creativity and innovation, too. You may put in tremendous efforts to make excellent professional progress, and this may make things better on your career front. Even if you happen to contact some infection or disease, you may recover soon from the same as the time stands in your favor.   

Jupiter Transit 2020 in Capricorn For Virgo Moon Sign

Business and Career 

It may indeed be a tough time to push through for those involved in business and trade. You may find it hard to handle the customers as you might be prone to stay restless often. On the verge of losing your temper, which may often be the case, you might run into disputes with your clients or customers. The gains that emerge out of your business activity may be average, and you could not expect this to rise significantly. But, even when no one is there to support your stance at the office, your Boss, superiors, and seniors may be out there to help you out in your professional matters. However, the other team members may not be supportive of your cause, or they might not extend good cooperation. 


This may not be a good time for money to pour in and coins to roll in. 'A penny saved is a penny gained!' is what you would learn as you may not be in a comfortable position to earn and save money. Your accumulated wealth and property may not be sufficient for the present budget requirements and futuristic purposes. Under all these adverse circumstances, here is a way out for you! Your shares and other speculative sources of income may stay quite active, and you may be able to get the expected returns out of them. Move the coins carefully as the ball may not be in your court in wealth matters!  


Your family matters could stay not so sound as you may not find enough happiness and satisfaction in the domestic scenario. Many hitches and hassles may have to be crossed before domestic peace sets in. The relationship with your partner may not be filled with an earlier level of harmony and happiness. So, stay more cautious about the relationship with your partner. Conflicts with your spouse might creep in as there may be many discords in conversations filled with anger and arguments. The elders of the family might have to intervene to resolve the family issues at the right time before matters take an ugly turn. The children of the family may, however, stay quite comfortable in the company of family elders.        


The right time to reap the right results for your sincere efforts! Students may find themselves exploring their inherent talents and displaying them in front of others. You may be able to fully exploit your aptitude and skills in academic pursuits and get due appreciation; thus, a good time for enhancing your knowledge base as well for upgrading yourselves of the latest technological innovations. Despite all these positives, you need to be cautious about the peer members as a lot of distraction, and digression may be around for you! It is advisable to increase the focus on your studies and push out all other deviations which might disturb your educational progress.    

Love and Marriage 

It might be a simple fact that you may shower tons of love towards your partner, but the same might not get reciprocated from the other side. This may leave you quite frustrated and a bit angry too! All these things may have to be ignored, and more positivity may have to be driven into the relationship. The life-partner searches also, may not be that satisfactory as the efforts may not yield desired results. However, your serious efforts may fetch some better results, for sure. For the married couples, here is a piece of advice for you: 'Life is not a bed of roses,' and as a couple, you both need to put in concerted efforts for it before marital bliss gets manifested perfectly!


You may stay quite well and fit, but it would be your family members' health that might give you worries and anxiety. Your partner or spouse's health may also cause concern, and proper medical intervention may be required. However, even you might get some ailments related to the eyes or face about which you may have to stay quite cautious. But you may expect a speedy recovery. The children and your elder siblings may enjoy good health and be hale and hearty! It is suggested here that you adopt preventive measures rather than rush for the curative ones.    

Home Remedies

  • Worship Lord Dhakshina Murthy and Lord Sathya Narayan
  • Chant the Guru Gayatri Mantra: 'Om Angirojataya Vidmahe Vachaspataye Dheemahi, Tannoh Guruh Prachodayaat'
  • Be compassionate towards others
  • Grow plants that bloom yellow-colored flowers
  • Donate yellow-colored clothes
  • Respect the women and children

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