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How Will You Spend Black Friday Based On Your Zodiac Sign

November 18, 2020 | Total Views : 87
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Black Friday 2020 is just a few days away, and as usual, there are going to be many irresistible offers and deals on a wide range of products. In the US, Black Friday is a commercial holiday that comes after Thanksgiving. It is one of the most eagerly anticipated and biggest shopping events of the year and is celebrated worldwide. Black Friday kickstarts the Christmas and New Year shopping season. In 2020, Black Friday Sales falls on November 27.

Do you like shopping on Black Friday, or you would rather avoid the chaos of pushing and jostling crowds? Find out how people born under different Zodiac signs will spend Black Friday.

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Aries: Take it easy:

Mars, the planet of action and energy, rules you. You tend to be very impulsive and impatient. You’re the kind who is likely to wake up early on Black Friday and rush to the store even before it opens, as you don’t like standing in queues. You will even fight with other shoppers if they get in your way, as Mars makes you aggressive and hot-tempered. You are not someone who spends hours mulling over what you want. You will have a good idea of what you want to buy, and you will make the purchase quickly before heading to the next store. 

Taurus: Loves long shopping sessions:

Ruled by Venus (the goddess of pleasure, luxury, and beauty), you love all the good things of life that money can buy. You like to own beautiful things, and you work hard to fill your home and life with such objects. So, on Black Friday, you’re more than willing to splurge, especially on products like jewelry, furniture, clothes, fragrances, lotions, cold creams, etc.

Gemini: Compulsive shopper:

You are a compulsive shopper. Shopping is like therapy for you. In fact, after a fight with a loved one, you are likely to head to the nearest store for some retail therapy and buy a truckload of clothes that will bore you to tears within a week. Since you are charming and persuasive, you also have the knack of getting what you want, even if somebody else has an eye on it. You’ll spend Black Friday visiting every store in the mall, talking to strangers, making some new friends and maxing out your credit card.

Cancer: Stay at home:

Cancer is a homebody and prefers to buy things that will make their home cosy and comfortable. You also have a good nose for sniffing out bargains, and you like to weigh your options carefully before making a purchase. You will never buy something pricey if a cheaper alternative is available. Being a sentimental type, you cling to things you have had for years, and unless you really need something new, you probably would prefer to hunker down at home on Black Friday and watch TV.

Leo: Pamper your loved ones:

Leos have royal tastes and like to surround themselves with expensive and high-quality things your symbol is the Lion, the king of the jungle, and you like to indulge yourself. But you’re also very warm, caring, and generous. Though you like to buy stuff for yourself, you also like to indulge your loved ones by buying expensive gifts for them. You are more likely to shop at high street stores, which see fewer crowds, and where the staff will treat you like royalty.

Virgo: An organized shopper:

You are no spendthrift, and you are very organized, even in your shopping habits. You will love the Black Friday deals, but you are not going to buy something that you don’t need, just because it’s cheap. You will plan your shopping expedition to the smallest detail. You will make a list of the things you need, and you will do some research on which brands to buy and which shops offer the best deals, before venturing out of your home. 

Libra: Like a kid in a toy shop:

You love shopping and Black Friday, for you, is like a national festival. You don’t care much about bargains, and you will buy what you want, never mind the price. Also, you are very indecisive, so if you are unable to choose between two things, you will end up buying both. So you will shop until you drop in sheer exhaustion.

Scorpio: Go online:

You are not a big spender, and Black Friday is just another day for you. If there is something that you do want to buy, you prefer to do it online, sitting in your own home. But if you do visit a store, you will know where you want to go. And once there, you will manipulate the shop manager to give you an additional discount. If somebody is about to walk away with something you fancy, you will make sure that they change their mind. 

Sagittarius: Looking for a fun experience:

Black Friday, for Sagittarians, is more about the experience. You’re a friendly and generous person who likes to enjoy life and have fun. Deals or not, you will not hesitate to spend money if it makes someone happy and so you may pick up some nice gifts for your friends and loved ones on Black Friday. As you love to travel you may also be very interested in checking out the best deals on travel.

Capricorn: A cautious spender:

Your planetary ruler is Saturn, hence you set many stores by value and tradition. More than bargains, you seek true value. You're likely to spend your money on high-quality items on which can save a significant amount. Despite the best Black Friday deals on offer, you may not spend too much, because you will want to make purchases for Christmas.

Aquarius: Scouting for bargains in tech:

You have mixed feelings about Black Friday. You will feel that Black Friday is a vulgar marketing ploy to make people spend their money on needless things and fill the coffers of the rich. But when you see the amazing offers on the latest tech, gadgets and electronic items, you will quietly ignore your ideals and conscience and give in to temptation. But you will probably not boast about your purchases.  

Pisces: Pampering others:

Dreamy and sensitive Pisces is definitely not someone who is comfortable in a big crowd, with all the attendant chaos. You are more likely to do your shopping online rather than at a glitzy mall. Material possessions are not very important to you, but being a caring and affectionate person, you prefer to buy thoughtful gifts for your friends and family.

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