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How to Attract a Taurus Man

June 21, 2016 | Total Views : 2,216
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A Taurus man is practical, reliable, affectionate, and committed. He is a lover of beauty and pleasure, and to appeal to his senses you have to have an aesthetic sense. He appreciates a woman who is independent, intelligent, and honest. Below are a few qualities that will bring the attention of a Taurus man. Slow and Steady Wins – You have to be patient while dealing with the bull. A Taurus man needs time to get comfortable in a relationship. He wants the relationship to work, and so he will analyze all the aspects before giving his heart. He prefers to plan, rather than being spontaneous. how-to-attract-a-taurus-man He doesn’t come across as a romantic; however, the truth is, he prefers to keep his highly sensuous nature under wraps. He is gifted in the art of lovemaking. Physical sensations, like caresses and kisses, will turn him on. Once he is in the mood, he can surprise you with classy gifts, roses, and expensive dinners out.


Beauty & Femininity Inspire Him – Being ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, a Taurus man is a lover of beauty in all forms. So, in order to attract his attention, ensure you pay attention to your looks, dress, accessories, and even fragrance. He is not averse to glamour, but he hates artificiality. He likes women who pay attention to details - the color they chose, how they style their hair, etc. He will be attracted to you if you have a refined taste towards beauty. A Taurus man is attracted to feminine women. Those who are aggressive in their approach will not get along well with this gentle, romantic lover. Be Frank and Honest – To win the heart of a Taurus man you have to prove your reliability and trustworthiness. He is straightforward, so never try to boggle him with mind games. If you want him to know your feelings or you want to ask him out, you will have to make it clear to him, either by words or clear gestures. Taureans are the most loyal sign of the zodiac, and when it comes to relationships they will ensure that their partners are not lacking this essential attribute. Even while complimenting him, make sure your comments are genuine statements of facts. He will appreciate your demonstration of affection and warmth if it has come straight from your heart, and remember he has the ability to sense it. Once you have gained his trust, you are closer to winning his heart. Appease His SensesTaurus men have a refined taste. They can be won over with the help of good food, good music, and sometimes even a beautiful piece of art. However, of all the things, food definitely is the foremost part to be considered if you really want to make an impression on him. A thoughtfully prepared meal (best if it includes his favorite) in a cozy, homely atmosphere with his favorite band playing in the background will definitely set the mood that will create a memory to cherish forever.

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