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Join AstroVed’s Interactive Fire Lab

Seek Luxury & Comforts: Interactive Fire Lab
Join us on Live January 5th at 3:30 am PST | 11:30 am UTC | 5:00 pm IST for the Interactive Fire Lab.

Experience Beauty, Success & Vitality Interactive Fire Lab

What is a Fire Lab?


The Fire Lab, also known as Fire Ritual, Yagna, or Homa, is considered by Enlightened Masters to be the most evolved spiritual technology on the planet. Why a Fire Lab? Fire is a bridge between the gross material world and the subtle spiritual dimensions. The Fire Lab is a sophisticated use of fire, acting as a multi-dimensional communication technology, used to invoke different aspects of divine consciousness known as Archetypes, or Gods, Goddesses, and Angels.

Archetypes exist internally as dormant potential within our psychophysical system, as well as externally as supernatural beings with whom our prophets, seers, and mystics from every religion were in contact. They each have unique abilities that can transform our reality in profound ways, and the Fire Lab is the most effective way to access them.

"Fire Lab holds the secrets to heaven."

Dr. Pillai

How Does a Fire Lab Work?


In order for a Fire Lab to be successful it needs to be performed during specific celestial alignments, and with appropriate materials, quantum sounds, and emotionally charged intentions. In addition, an enlightened being, like our founder Dr. Pillai, can empower Fire Labs through divine intention, or “Siddha Sankalpa,” which dramatically increases their efficacy. This is the case for all Fire Labs performed at AstroVed.

Combining everything together during the right time opens a portal that allows Archetypes to respond to prayers and fulfill the desires of the sponsors in a manner appropriate to each individual’s karmic bank account.

The performance of Fire Labs requires perfect harmony and precision to give the desired effect. This is why an authentic Fire Lab specialist will go through years of rigorous training and initiation before they are ready to perform Fire Labs for the benefit of others. Notably, all of our specialists have gone through such training, and were each selected for their expertise.

Experience AstroVed’s Interactive Fire Lab

Each month we make this profound technology available to anyone wishing to participate for free, or for an exchange of your choosing. Each person who joins creates a synergistic effect that adds to the power of the Fire Lab being performed. We encourage you to take advantage and receive the benefits of AstroVed’s Interactive Fire Lab.

Fire Lab

Seek Luxury & Comforts: Interactive Fire Lab

Join us on Live January 5th at 3:30 am PST | 11:30 am UTC | 5:00 pm IST for the Interactive Fire Lab.

On this 4th Moon day, the Moon will be in the star Magha, which is ruled by Ketu. Planet Ketu is closely connected with Ganesha, the Supreme Remover of Obstacles. Magha star relates to royalty consciousness, making this a powertime to petition Magha, Ketu, and Ganesha for royal qualities that can help you attract luxury and comforts in your life.

Note: Free participant names will not be read aloud, instead it will be offered into the fire after the homa.