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Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

August 14, 2020 | Total Views : 58
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Planet Saturn:

Planet Saturn is also called “Shani”. It stands for law, order, discipline, mature and older things. It is a planet that is highly feared by all. Saturn moves slowly, and so it takes a long time to run its course. A major effect of Saturn is to bring hardships and teach certain lessons to the native. Saturn’s lessons are lessons that we need to learn in order to evolve spiritually and become better human beings. Saturn’s influence in a natal chart doesn’t mean lack of success, but it may be delayed, The native will enjoy great success later in life. Let’s see how the planet of justice, discipline, and hard work impacts your life.

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Saturn in 1st House:

The first house indicates the health and outer personality of the person. It gives an idea of his/her temperament, character, strengths, and weaknesses. In short, how a person appears to others. Saturn in the first house gives a reserved and serious nature. Such people will be hardworking and very organized. They will be sincere and strong-minded. They will also be more disciplined and mature. Their early years may be difficult and gloomy, especially when Saturn’s position is debilitated. They are very fair and law-abiding as well as fair. They make good lawyers and judges. 

Saturn in 2nd House:

The second house is associated with family, possessions, and accumulated wealth, and also the native’s earning abilities. It also impacts speech and intake of food, as it represents the throat. Saturn in the second house means that the person may be unable to save money for until 35 years. Between 32 and 35, the negative effects begin to wane, and the native will be able to save money. Saturn can restrict nourishment in childhood. The native may not be born in a rich family. Also, the family may be very conservative and disciplined, and hence the child may be deprived of luxuries. Once Saturn’s karmic backlogs are released, the native may acquire great wealth as they become disciplined and hardworking.

Saturn in 3rd House:

The third house indicates self-expression, relatives, siblings, neighbors, and the immediate environment. It also represents the native’s courage, running errands, short trips, etc. In this position, Saturn can restrict the person’s relationship with his/her siblings, from childhood till mid-life. They will not have a good bond with siblings unless there’s Jupiter and Venus’ aspect in the third house. Saturn can make the person’s mental concentration slow but steady. Such people may be life-long learners of philosophy and knowledge. They will be disciplined and persistent in expressing their creativity. Saturn in the 3rd house makes a person sharp and intelligent but not very expressive, verbally. Hence, he/she will have to work hard to improve their communication skills.

Saturn in 4th House:

The Fourth house indicates the native’s early childhood, mother, maternal love and nurturing, home, property, and the way they treat their family members. Saturn in the 4th house has an adverse effect on the emotional aspects connected with the person’s childhood, home, and family. It is not a very good placement as it signifies problems in childhood and constraints by the parents. The native may have problems expressing his/her emotions and true feelings towards the family. The family might have a disciplined and conservative approach to expressing love and emotions. It is possible that the native might be brought up by grandparents as the parents were not present in the native’s life or had to shoulder many responsibilities.

Saturn in 5th House:

The 5th house indicates pleasures and represents how a person expresses their creativity and what they regard as fun. It also indicates the father’s wealth. A well-aspected Saturn in this house reveals a disciplined and hardworking person who has a structured approach to creativity. The person may be shy, and hence takes life very seriously and denies himself the pleasures of life. He/she may prefer to follow rules instead of being spontaneous and indulging in fun. He/she may suffer from infertility, especially if Saturn is debilitated. There may be miscarriages.

Saturn in 6th House:

The 6th house signifies conflicts, diseases, wars, and enemies. It indicates the services provided by the native for humanity and reveals how the native will benefit society. Saturn in the 6th house means that the native will be serious and hardworking. They will be well organized. The native will be logical and pay close attention to details. They will be respected for their work. If Saturn is debilitated, the native will be aloof with colleagues and suffer minor health problems due to overwork. They may lack an innovative approach to work, preferring to rely on tried and tested methods.

Saturn in 7th House:

This is the house of legal bonds like marriage, laws, business partnerships, sexual relationships, etc. It also indicates your public life. Saturn in the seventh house makes the person responsible and reliable. If afflicted, Saturn makes them strict and hardhearted, even in sensitive areas like marriage. They like to dominate others. This can be of help in business management and law-related fields. With this placement, the person is advised not to marry before thirty, as it might cause some malefic effects that make life unbearable. A well-aspected Saturn brings good results and stability in marriage and business partnerships.

Saturn in 8th House:

The 8th house represents marriage, inheritance, and corporate resources. It’s also the house of secret matters, mysticism, the occult, death, and rebirth. This placement brings heavy responsibilities like taxes, joint finances, and other people’s resources. The person may face many obstacles and problems in matters like taxes and insurance. The native’s spouse may be lacking in wealth if Saturn is debilitated. This position causes health problems for the native. Saturn will give them chronic illness, and it may cause their death, sometimes at a young age. A well-aspected Saturn indicates a long life. Great effort and hard work will bring success and wealth late in life.

Saturn in 9th House:

The 9th house indicates spirituality, religion, law, teachers, and one’s father. It also stands for long journeys like pilgrimages, and good fortune. Saturn in the ninth house makes a person religious and spiritual. They will be well educated but in an orthodox fashion. People with this placement will prefer a career that enables them to grow more on a spiritual and philosophical level. They seek employment in traditional and well-established organizations. The person may travel a lot, mostly for business or career purposes. They see traveling as a way of learning. The native may have a narrow mind. They might be strict and egoistic if Saturn is afflicted. This could negatively impact his/her higher education.

Saturn in 10th House:

The 10th house indicates career or profession. It reveals if the person can achieve name and fame. It is also the house of the father. Saturn in the 10th house is a beneficial placement. They adapt well at work, and success may come after putting great efforts and hard work. They will be very ambitious in their profession, which helps them to achieve greatness in their chosen field. As it’s also the house of the father, the native might not have a good relationship with him.

Saturn creates obstacles and blocks opportunities, but due to its disciplined and patient nature, the native will plan his/her future. They may achieve great heights in their careers and become very wealthy.

Saturn in 11th House:

The 11th house indicates sudden wealth and prosperity. It also depicts one’s social circle. Saturn in the 11th house means that the person will have more than one source of income. Or, the native’s spouse is also an earning member. The eleventh house also denotes friends and social circles. Hence, the native may get support from such people, unless Saturn is debilitated or not well-placed in the chart. If Saturn is badly aspected, the native will have few friends due to their shy and introverted personality. They may think that they do not fit in any social group and prefer to stay out of gossip and conversation.

 Saturn in 12th House:

The 12th house denotes fears, secrets, the subconscious mind, and lonely places. It also indicates liberation and detachment. Its focus is on spirituality and not materialistic desires. Natives with this placement prefer to be left alone. They might work in some isolated place like a prison, hospital, jail, ashram, etc. They will seek the spiritual path, shunning worldly pursuits. But if Saturn is debilitated, they might be lazy, and Saturn might induce depression as well. This placement often brings positive results in foreign lands. The native can expect success of he/she works in fields like petroleum, coal, or mines, etc.

Depending on the house and the sign that the planet occupies, it will have a certain effect on your life. 

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