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Some astrological signs may experience a period of disarray during the Rahu-Ketu transit 2023.

September 22, 2023 | Total Views : 6,170
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The Rahu-Ketu Transit 2023-2024 transit is a significant event in Vedic Astrology. Rahu and Ketu are two planets that are known as the North and South Node of the Moon. They have a powerful influence on a person's life and are believed to be connected to their Karma. Many people are afraid of these planets because they are considered inauspicious. During the Rahu-Ketu Transit, people become even more fearful of the impact it might have on their lives.

The Rahu-Ketu transit is happening on October 30, 2023, and it will affect all zodiac signs in different ways. However, some signs will experience more negative effects than others. If you want to know which signs to be cautious about during this time, read this detailed blog from AstroVed. We will also provide remedies to help reduce any negative impacts on individuals.

The Rahu-Ketu Transit 2023-2024

According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are considered evil planets. Their movement from one zodiac to another affects all the zodiac signs. The reason for this is the way these planets move. They always move in a backward direction. To help you understand better, let's look at the date and time of the Rahu-Ketu transit in 2023.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2023: Date & Time

On October 30, 2023, there will be a change in the position of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu will move from Aries to Pisces, while Ketu will move from Libra to Virgo. This change will happen at 2:13 pm and will be in retrograde motion.

Be cautious of the Rahu-Ketu Transit in 2023-2024 if you are born in these Zodiac signs.


If you're an Aries, you might feel the most significant impact of the Rahu-Ketu transit happening on October 30, 2023. This could lead to some financial problems and increased stress in your life. You might also face other issues during this time, and you and your partner could experience some disagreements. It's important to be careful and stay aware during this period.


If you were born under the zodiac sign Taurus, you may face some challenges in 2023-2024 due to the Rahu-Ketu transit. This could lead to financial difficulties and other obstacles that affect your family life. Just be prepared and stay strong during this time.


The Year 2023-2024 will bring some challenges for Virgo natives due to the Rahu Ketu transit. You may face difficulties in different areas of your life, whether you have a business or work for someone else. Additionally, your personal relationships may also be affected during this time. It's important to be careful and handle personal and professional matters with caution.


If you are born under the Pisces zodiac sign, there's something important you should know about the Year 2023-2024. There will be some changes in the stars that could affect your finances, your health, and your family life. If you run your own business, you might face some challenges during this time. You might also have trouble at work or lose money. And if you've borrowed money, things might be especially tough for you. It's important to be aware of these possibilities so you can prepare for them and stay strong during this time.

 Remedies to Lessen the Ill Effects of Rahu-Ketu Transit in 2023.

To mitigate the impact of the Rahu-Ketu Transit in 2023, there are several remedies that can be performed. These remedies have been found to be effective in reducing the adverse effects of this astrological event. It is important to note that these remedies should be performed under the guidance of a qualified astrologer or expert in the field of Vedic astrology. One such remedy is performing the Rahu-Ketu Transit Puja. This puja involves performing specific rituals and offerings to Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva to appease the planets Rahu and Ketu. Performing this puja can help to reduce the adverse effects of this transit.

There are ways to protect yourself from the negative effects of two planets in Vedic astrology called Rahu and Ketu. These planets can cause harm, but there are remedies you can use to prevent it. Let's take a look at some of them.

One way is to pray to a goddess named Durga. It's believed that if you pray to her for peace related to Rahu and Ketu, you will have good things happen to you. You can also worship a god named Shri Krishna and chant a special Mantra to get rid of problems caused by Rahu and Ketu.

Another method is to chant a special Rahu and Ketu Beej Mantra. You can also do some special things on Saturdays or fast to avoid the adverse effects of these planets. Donating certain gems, oils, coins, and grains can also help you. For Rahu, you should donate Cat's Eye and Onyx; for Ketu, you can donate sesame seeds or a black blanket.

Finally, wearing a particular type of bead called a Rudraksha can also help you with Rahu and Ketu problems. But it's important to talk to an astrologer before you wear one.

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