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Best Direction to Study for Competitive Exams, Plus Other Vastu Tips

June 11, 2024 | Total Views : 65
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Vastu is the traditional science of Indian architecture. It is based on the belief that we can create positive energy in our living spaces by making use of Vastu-prescribed principles related to directions and natural elements. As per Vastu, the different rooms in a house should be located in specific directions to boost the flow of positive energy. This, in turn, leads to favorable outcomes in all aspects of our lives. 

All students wish to do well academically. But sometimes, they find it hard to focus on their studies. Their minds keep wandering, and they may get distracted by small things. This makes it difficult to absorb and retain what they are trying to learn. 

What could be the reason? Perhaps it has to do with the energy flow in the study room. If the energy in the room is negative or if its flow is blocked, the student finds it hard to focus on studies. 

So how does one improve the energy flow and attract positive energy in the study room? Vastu can help you. By applying Vastu principles to the study room layout, one can improve the energy flow in the room which can improve the academic performance of the student. 

Best Direction to Study for Competitive Exams, Plus Other Vastu Tips

East Direction for the Study Room

When it comes to the room which your child uses for study purposes, the East direction of the house, or the east direction in the room is best. 

If the child sits in the North-East direction and faces the North or East, it is very ideal for studying. The positive energy created will enable better outcomes in studies.  

The North-East direction is associated with Lord Ganesha, the deity of knowledge and wisdom. He helps remove obstacles. Hence, studying in a room that faces the North-east direction improves memory power, concentration, and retention.

When the child sits in the proper direction, she will have better concentration and focus. The study room and the study table should be placed in the right position.

East is the best direction to study in Vastu. If it is not possible, North, too, is a good direction. These two directions promote and induce the flow of positive energy, leading to progress, growth, and success. As per Vastu, it is good to face the East or the North directions.

Also, the study table should be of good quality wood. There should be a distance of 3 inches between the wall and the student to ensure a smooth flow of ideas and energy.
The books have to be kept in the North-East direction, to get good results. 

Why is East Direction Good for Studies? 

According to Vastu, every direction has certain energies. One can use these energies effectively when the rooms are built in a way that enables the energies to flow smoothly. While the East is associated with prosperity, growth, and achievement, the North is linked to progress. By sitting in these two directions, students can harness positive energies and perform well in academics.

The East direction is also where the Sun rises. The rising Sun symbolizes new beginnings. If the study table is in the east direction, it brings motivation, clarity of thought, and creativity. The student will have better focus, concentration, and more energy.

Some More Tips 

  • The door of the study room should be behind the study chair. If there is a wall, it can stop the positive energy from flowing outside.
  • The wall that faces the study table should have some motivational posters.
  • There should be no wall cabinets on the eastern and the northern walls of the study room, as they can block the flow of positive energy.
  • Do not keep a mirror in front of the study table. This will be a cause of distraction.
  • Never have the study table in front of an empty wall.
  • The study table should not be in the bedroom.
  • Doing yoga and meditation before studying boosts attention and concentration. 
  • Do not place the study table next to a window or directly under a beam. An overhead beam creates negative energy, while a window can cause distractions. 
  • The study room should be well-lit, clutter-free, and have good ventilation.

Choosing a Good Study Table 

In Vastu, the direction, quality, size, and features have great importance. Vastu offers many tips related to the study table’s material and features. This will benefit students taking competitive exams. They will be able to prepare well and score well in the exams.
Let us look at some of these tips now:

  • The table’s size matters a lot with respect to the room size. For a small room, one should have a linear table. For big rooms, L-shaped and U-shaped rooms are best.
  • Use the best quality wood to make the study table. Engineered wood or wrought-iron tables are also fine.
  • The height of the study table should be comfortable for the person who sits on the chair. The best height is 25-30 inches.
  • The study table should not have too many features. Only an optimum number should be present, as it is essential for the free flow of energy.

The Ideal Color for the Study Room

The color of the study room is also important, says Vastu. Using the right color can boost the student’s attention, leading to a better performance in exams. Vastu recommends neutral or light shades for the study room.

Different colors tend to have different energies. Violet boosts mental stability and spirituality and promotes good habits in the person. Yellow helps regulate emotions. These colors can improve the flow of positive energies in the study room.

If the study table cannot be placed in the east or North-east direction for some reason, the North and west directions are also fine.

One should not study in rooms that face the south or the South-west direction. These directions have associations with negative energies in Vastu. They promote laziness and procrastination and cause one to lose focus. 


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