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Which Color Should You Wear on Wednesday?

June 11, 2024 | Total Views : 66
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In astrology, each day of the week is associated with a particular color. This color depends on the planet which rules a particular day. By wearing the color associated with a planet, we can align with the planetary energies. This can bring good luck, harmony, and positivity to our day. It also helps us connect with the planet in question and reduces its negative effects on our lives.

When a beneficial planet like Jupiter or Venus is placed in an unfavorable position in a person's birth chart, they can wear the color associated with the planet to enhance its power and positive effects. The color should also be worn on the prescribed days. On the other hand, if a malefic planet like Saturn or Rahu is causing trouble in the life of a person, then they should avoid the colors associated with them to avoid its negative effects in their life. 

In this article, we will find out which color to wear on Wednesday

Planet Mercury rules Wednesday. It signifies intellect, communication, and adaptability. Light pastels and shades of green are the colors that are typically associated with Mercury.

Green signifies hope, balance, and harmony. It is a calming color which can help one de-stress and soothe one’s nerves. Green is also good for pregnant women. If it’s in the right balance around them, it can be helpful for them. However, too much green can make one lazy and lethargic. Green also symbolizes Lord Vishnu’s energy. It is a custom to recommend Basil leaves for Mercury related problems. 

Green is an earthy color. It signifies fertility, growth, new beginnings, renewal and abundance. It has some negative connotations too, like envy, jealousy, lack of experience, etc.

Like blue, green is a soothing color, but it also has some of yellow’s energy. Green has a harmonizing and balancing effect.

Bright green is vibrant and energizing, while olive green evokes the natural world. Dark green is the most stable shade of green. 

Primary Color for Wednesday 

Green is the primary color for Wednesday. It can improve one’s communication skills and cognitive and decision-making abilities. Wearing green, teal, turquoise, etc., on Wednesday helps one tap into Mercury’s energy. It brings about better articulation and creative thinking. 

Lord Ganesha’s Role 

In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is regarded as the remover of obstacles. People seek his blessings before they begin new endeavors and on auspicious occasions. Ganesha is also associated with qualities like wisdom, intellect, and learning that Mercury is associated with.

Complementary Color for Wednesday

In Hindu tradition, red is closely associated with Ganesha. Hence, wearing red on Wednesdays aligns with Mercury’s energy and also with Ganesha’s wisdom and ability to get rid of obstacles. Red helps attract Ganesha’s blessings for a favorable day by increasing mental clarity and giving one the strength to overcome challenges.

Creating Balance with Green and Red

Green is the primary color linked to Wednesdays due to the influence of Mercury, while red is linked to Ganesha.  By adding red to your outfit, you can honor Ganesha and invoke his guidance. This red and green combination leads to a harmonious synergy between the communicative energies of Mercury and the wisdom of Ganesha. This brings balance and auspiciousness to your day.

Astrology can offer us unique insights and guidance, when it comes to our daily life. It holds that wearing certain colors on certain days helps attract positive energies and boosts various aspects of our lives. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. On this day, wearing green helps to improve our communication and adaptability. At the same time, adding red brings Ganesha’s blessings including wisdom and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Using these colors on Wednesdays can boost your confidence and focus. There is more to astrology than predicting the future. It can help you harness positive energies, create a deeper connection with the universe, and enable you to live in alignment and harmony with the cosmos.


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