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The Reasons for Applying Tilak on the Forehead and Its Benefits

June 11, 2024 | Total Views : 60
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The custom of applying Tilak or vermilion on the forehead is very auspicious among Hindus. There have also been many science-based studies on its benefits. The Scriptures, too, mention the benefits of applying Tilak. 

Hindus apply Tilak on the forehead during auspicious rituals, Poojas, and marriage ceremonies.

The application of Tilak on the forehead supposedly activates the “Ajna Chakra” (the area between the eyebrows) of the person. This chakra is an energy channel. In yogic science, it signifies the third eye, which has great power. Applying Tilak on this area can bring many benefits related to the spiritual and material realms.

The Reasons for Applying Tilak on the Forehead and Its Benefits

Symbol of Purity

In Tantrik practice and astrology, the application of Tilak on the forehead helps energize the presiding deity who dwells in the middle of the forehead. It is also a sign of respect to the presiding deity. There is also a belief that it signifies reverence to one’s family deity.

Awakening the Ajna Chakra

There are 7 energy centers in the body, which constitute a storehouse of power. The Ajna Chakra is found in the center of the forehead and between the eyebrows. It is the most important of all the Chakras and has great power. The reason is that 3 Nadis of the human body meet here. So, it is very important. It is also the most prolific seat of bodily consciousness. It is called the third eye in yogic science, too. Hence, applying Tilak or Bindi here is significant. During meditation, the mind becomes very focused and occupies the center of the forehead.

Faith in God

In the Puranas, Tilak is a symbol of faith in God. Hence, people would apply Tilak before an auspicious work. Applying Tilak on the Ajna Chakra brings peace and boosts energy.

It Reduces Stress

When Tilak is applied to the forehead, the pituitary gland becomes activated. This energizes the person, and they stop being lazy. The brainpower increases and one feels refreshed. Mental stress also reduces, and one feels a sense of peace in life.

More Positivity

The mind becomes peaceful and calm when one applies Tilak.  Certain chemicals will be secreted in the brain in a balanced amount. This will eliminate feelings of apathy, negativity, and despair. The person will feel positive and optimistic.

Relief from Diseases

The precise activation of the Nadi Mandal starts when we apply Tilak on the forehead, and it activates the Nadi Mandal. When we do this regularly, it can even bring relief from various diseases like insomnia, sinusitis, mental problems, etc. Hence, many Hindu women apply it on their forehead every day.

The Puranas, Upanishads, and Vedic scriptures extol the importance of applying Tilak. It can boost our vitality, concentration, and energy.

Tilaks come in different varieties, depending on the deity one worships, one’s caste, religious sect, etc.

Shaivite Tilak

People who worship Shiva apply Vibhuti/Bhasma (holy ash) on their forehead. It comes from the wood burnt at the place where a Yajna takes place. Applying Vibhuti on the forehead can destroy evil forces and protect one from diseases.

Vaishnavite Tilak

Vishnu devotees tend to apply Chandan (sandalwood) paste in the shape of a U that extends out towards the nose. The U represents the feet of Vishnu.  This Tilak is also applied on the forehead.  The Chandan paste has cooling properties and brings relief from headaches.

Lakshmi Tilak

Married Hindu women apply kumkum (vermilion) Tilak. The women of the house are symbols of Goddess Lakshmi. Kumkum is made using turmeric powder and lime, which turns the former red. Women wear it during prayers or auspicious occasions. Supposedly, kumkum can attract and radiate divinity. Women who wear kumkum daily will have protection from evil energies and negativity as kumkum supposedly emits positive frequencies.

Tilak’s Healing Properties

Applying Tilak can bring relief from many issues like stress, insomnia, etc. It is similar to the Ayurvedic therapy called Shirodhara, where medicated oil is dripped on the forehead to cure sleep problems and mental stress. In the same way, applying Chandan, Vibhuti or kumkum Tilak also can reduce headaches and stress.

It is also good for sinusitis. The joint of the eyebrows has a nerve called the trigeminal nerve. Squeezing it helps clear sinuses by enhancing the pressure of blood to the nose.

Tilak can also make the skin wrinkle-free. There is a nerve called the supratrochlear nerve that interfaces with a few filaments and muscles of the eyes and skin located on the forehead. They get stimulated when we apply mild pressure on the center of the forehead. The pressure can reduce dark circles by providing oxygen and increasing blood pressure. It also helps balance the eyesight and smoothen the skin. Using Tilak on a regular basis can protect one from infectious diseases.


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