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Akshaya Tritiya, its Significance and Legends

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,791
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Akshaya is a Sanskrit term meaning imperishable and Tritiya denotes the third day in the lunar cycle. Akshaya Tritiya is one such day in the year when the vibrations creating good fortune, success and prosperity are on the high. It falls on the 3rd day after New Moon in the month of Vaishakh (April-May).

Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

Vibrations of good fortune are created due to the confluence of favorable energies of the universe. As per astrology, on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, the Sun and the Moon are both in their signs of exaltation.


The Sun and the Moon are the most prominent energies stimulating our body, mind and soul. The Sun is significator for the soul and the Moon is for the mind. Former is the dispenser of light, energy, vitality and the latter stimulates our thought vibrations. Ancient yogis have indentified this 24-hour window of time as very important to develop a consciousness that stimulates growth, success, prosperity and discourages hatred, anger, negative thoughts. The bright light of the Sun and the Moon clear blockages in the mind created due to one’s karma, so that one can easily manifest his or her dreams and desires. It is said that if one meditates on the concept of non-declining wealth on this day, it will sink deeper in his or her consciousness and make a permanent link with the divine archetypes.

4 important activities on Akshaya Tritiya

According to scriptures, the day is auspicious for:

Yajanam: propitiating the divine through fire rituals etc.

Yaajanam: enabling the performance of auspicious activities.

Dhaanam: donating to poor and needy

Pratigraham: acquisition or accumulation of assets

Any of the above activities performed on Akshaya Tritiya day will have sahasragunabalam, or 1,000 times the normal effect.

Akshaya Tritiya legends

In the epic Mahabharata, while the Pandavas were in exile, Yudhishtra became very anxious as he was unable to feed the holy sages and others who accompanied them. He then prayed to Sun God for help. Pleased with his prayers, the Sun God granted him ‘Akshaya Patra’, a bowl which will continue to provide unlimited food till Draupadi finishes her food. When Duryodhan came to know about it, he tried to play a trick to offend the Pandavas. He sent sage Durvasa and made sure that he reaches their hermitage after Draupadi had finished eating. When Draupadi came to know about the sage’s arrival, she prayed to Lord Krishna to save the honor of the family. Krishna immediately appeared and asked Draupadi for food as he was hungry. Draupadi told him that there is no food left to give. He asked her to bring the Akshaya Patra. A grain of rice was stuck in the bowl, Krishna had it and said it has satiated his hunger. He advised Draupadi not to be anxious about Druvasa. Sage Durvasa who was then taking a bath before coming for the meal, also felt fully satisfied. He decided to return back without partaking Pandavas hospitality and saved himself of any humiliation. According to another legend, when Sudama, Lord Krishna’s poor friend from childhood came to him to ask for financial favor, he could only bring a handful of parched rice to offer to his beloved friend. Krishna treated Sudama like a king and relished the rice he brought for him. Overwhelmed with Krishna’s love, Sudama could not ask for any favor. After returning home empty handed, Sudama saw his old hut has transformed into a palace. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he recollected the smiling face of his beloved friend.

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