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Vedic New Year Predictions for 2015

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 686
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2015 is the year of “Manmatha” (or the Latin God, Cupid), the God of desire, love and attraction. This Manmatha year is the 29th out of 60 Hindu calendar years that keeps repeating itself in a cycle. The year is governed by Lord Saturn that is now placed in the Zodiac sign Scorpio.

General foresight for the year:

This year will bring good shower which will increase cultivation of crop. We will have a stable Government that will bring a flurry of new reforms and laws. Trade dealings will be prospective with increase in imports and exports.
As Saturn is placed in the sign Scorpio, this year will be favorable for spiritual transformation in people. Sudden changes and unexpected events may take place. More job opportunities for people is foreseen. Those born in this year will be successful in life and will have valor. They will be sincere, and broad minded people, dependant on others for advice, will be less active, but will have passion for research, will possess positive energy for perseverance. The lord to be worshipped in this year is Lord Uma Maheshwara.

General predictions for each Moon sign:


Ambitious Arians, you are recognized for your action and impulsive ways very often. You should try to develop more patience in you. You may have to travel frequently and relocate to some other place. You may travel on pilgrimage too. You will have to work hard towards improving your talents if you wish to achieve good results through career-pursuits. This year holds promises for good money and sudden gains for you. Disappointments in relationships will bring down your productivity at work. So tread with caution. Apart from minor health issues like headaches, due to tensions and work pressure, generally your health will be fine.


Determined Taurians, you need to be more determined and focused towards your goals. This year you will tend to be less industrious, may feel lazy and procrastinate important decisions. Flow of money will be average. Some expense made out of impulsive decision may burn your pocket. If you are focused on your career, you will gain good recognition for your hard work. Relationships will turn out to be promising. Those who are leading life as singles will find partners to bond for relationships. Peace will prevail in domestic environment after middle of the year. Health issues may pop-up due to your negligence. Living a more organized and disciplined life will bring good results in all walks of life.


Intellectual Geminians, you need to have the drive to concentrate on acquiring comforts in life and also improve your career prospects. Being optimistic most of the time and enthusiastic about trying out new things will add laurels to your professional growth. You will gain good amount of money as well as good opportunities to invest. But avoid speculations. There will be wedding bells for those leading life as singles, and couples will find happiness through blossoming of romance. You will be in the pink of health, if you are able to take precautions for good health. Certain health issue of a family member may cause some concern.


Shrewd Cancerians, you should try to develop your shrewdness even further to grab opportunities on work front. Do not let your emotions control you. Monetary prospects will be average. So you should plan your expenses and try good budgeting options, else you may have to take loan to meet expenses. Relationship with the person close to your heart will flourish. You will be in perfect health after middle of the year. Try to enjoy yourself amidst nature. It will help you feel fresh.


Broad minded Leos, you should adopt practical and flexible approach to succeed in your profession. Vicissitudes in fortune is likely. On your end you should devote time for good planning to get desired results from the steps you take. Domineering attitude and egoistic ways may spoil good vibes in your relationships. Little effort towards understanding others with a flexible mind will improve such situations. Exercise will keep you fit and help you remain healthy.


Analytical Virgos, projecting yourself through creative ways will add laurels in your professional success. Avoid being over critical on work front, as this may tarnish your image. Good amount of monetary gain will fuel your optimism in the early part of the year. Relationship issues may bring some challenges before you, so on this front try to adopt certain diplomatic ways to handle it better. Adhere to positive attitude to remain healthy.


Easy going Librans, this is the time you should focus on your career. Prepare yourself to be in positive frame of mind and adopt right approach to bring out the best performer in you. Monetary gains will come slowly but steadily. At certain times you may face shortage of funds too. You need to be more indulgent and spend more time with family members for they will require your attention. Attention towards maintaining good discipline and devoting more time to your body is very much required now.


Emotional Scorpions, you must learn to handle your emotions first to prepare yourself for success. Only if you adapt to your situations and cultivate congenial environment, you will be able to avail good career prospects. Be careful while handling sensitive issues in relationship. You will be more philanthropic towards needy and poor people. Irregular eating and improper sleep could cause health issues. Be disciplined and enjoy good health.


Philosophical Sagittarians, you are going to involve yourself in spirituality and philosophical pursuits this year. This will be the year of changes and transformation. You may face surprises in all walks of life. Profession will turn topsy-turvy and a conflict with authorities can occur. Adapt diplomacy. Ups and downs in money matters will happen in later part of the year. You will find good opportunities for making investment and you will be prudent in making decisions. Spiritual practises will keep your mind and body healthy.


Patient Capricornians, your perseverance will be rewarded in your work front. Some of your ambitions may be realized in this period. Your desires will be quite high. Proper financial planning would be necessary to handle monetary crunch through proper budget. Your friends and social circle will expand. Relationship with your spouse will not be very promising. You may face clashes of egos and experience disturbance in relationship. You will be in pink of health in later part of the year.


Humanitarian Aquarians, you will find good opportunities to undertake philanthropic activities and you should grab it. Efforts to improve in your career and handling work pressure will keep you completely occupied. This will cause friction in relationship. So try to balance both. A selfish attitude could mar the peace in domestic environment. Monetary prospects will be positive in early part of the year. An old investment can fetch you good gains. Some minor health disturbances will bring obstacles in moving forward in your goal.


Intuitive Pisceans, new and creative ideas will suddenly bring about something that you wanted to achieve from a long time. This will bring good growth in your profession. Love is in the air. So by spending quality time with close family members will bring harmony in your life. This will encourage you to indulge in nostalgic memories. Monetary benefits will be average and it will increase in the later part of the year. You will enjoy a robust health. Practicing meditation will help you to be more decisive and less emotional.

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